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  1. Protect Your Plants with Cold Frames

    The ultimate early and late season extender. Double-sized cold frame protects dozens of plants, cuttings and seedlings.

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  2. Raise Redworms Indoors or Outside

    Grow redworms and produce free castings using ordinary food scraps or shredded cardboard.

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  3. Fermentation Power Eliminates Your Food Scraps

    Urban and multi-unit housing dwellers can now compost in a compact unit that fits underneath the kitchen sink. Air-tight system does not emit odors. No yard required!

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  4. Advanced Vermiculture System Devours Food Scraps

    Able to process 20 lbs of kitchen waste per day and produce up to 75 lbs of castings per week!

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  5. Grow Grubs Using Kitchen Scraps

    Raise plump grubs for your chickens & fish using food waste or manure. The BioPod™ Plus allows mature pupae to self-separate and auto-harvest into handled collection bucket.

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  6. Two Tiered Raised Bed Lasts for Decades

    Two levels and depths for a diversity of plants. Easy to assemble with little to no maintenance. Durable, weather resistant resin lasts for years. Volume pricing!

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  7. Heat Up Your Garden with this Advanced Tumbler

    This feature-rich composter has insulating double walls, a removable lid for easy access, a rotational lock to simplify harvesting, a cross bar to break up clumps and a huge 80-gal capacity.

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  8. Ecological Design. Contemporary Garden Style.

    Reduce your waste footprint! This critter resistant, 100% recycled plastic composter features dual latchable lids, bottom access door and aeration slits throughout.

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  9. Live Composting Redworms Eat Cardboard

    Transform you old boxes into valuable, nutritious castings that serve as the ultimate soil amendment for your plants and garden. Eisenia fetida – a prolific breeder that is easy to raise.

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  10. Rapid Breakdown: Insulated Compost Bin

    Advanced, Thermo King features structural panels and seasonally adjustable vents that help retain internally generated heat for fast decomposition. Perfect in cooler climates or high altitudes.

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  11. Mobile Compost Spinner

    This portable compost tumbler is easy to move by a single person. Push or pull it to where you're working. Wheels allow for relocation as the sun migrates throughout the seasons.

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  12. Grow Heathy Mushrooms in Recycled Coffee Grounds

    The fast growing Pearl Oyster Mushroom will thrive on just about any high-ligin media, including shredded newspaper, cardboard and straw!

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  13. Fire Ant Eater Devours Colonies

    Destroy entire ant colonies using nothing more than the power of the sun. Rollers mechanically crushes workers, collapsing the nest.

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  14. Premier Cold Frame with Automatic Lid Opener

    Extend your gardening season with the advanced cold frame from Austria. Each section features a hinged lid with adjustable ventilators. Made from durable polycarbonate and aluminum.

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  15. Designed for Standard 4x8' Beds

    Made from tear-resistant Gro-Tec which allows for 75% daylight penetration, these popup cold frames install in minutes without the need for tools.

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  16. DIY Raised Garden Beds

    Build amazing raised beds of various sizes and heights using composite lumber or your own locally supplied 2x6 boards. Designed for year-round gardening.

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  17. Pollinate with Natives Bees!

    These shelters provide nesting spots for dozens of native, Orchard Mason Bees, each which do the pollination work of 100 honey bees in your garden.

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  18. Reusable Rain Mats

    Rain-Mats serve as a replenish able water reservoir for plants when needed. Great for hanging baskets, raised beds and pots. 16 foot roll.

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  19. Water-Keep Garden Crystals

    Environmentally safe, super absorbent polymers help plants withstand drought and seasonal fluctuations. Hold up to 400 times their volume in water.

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  20. Create Rot Proof Raised Beds

    Easily construction durable, long lasting garden beds that will not rot using our composite lumber and corner brackets. Possible heights are 6" 12" and 18"

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