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1000 Wild Genetics Soldier Grub Starter Colony

1000 Soldier Grub Starter Colony - Mixed Age Juveniles with Robust, Wild Genetic Diversity

These starter kits include approximately 1000 live Black Soldier Fly juveniles ('Soldier Grubs') of mixed ages and are recommended for those who wish to begin their units earlier in the season or who live in regions of the country where native populations of adults may not be present. Dark colored grubs are prepupae and indicative of what your crawl off will resemble. Younger juveniles are cream colored and noticeably smaller. These lighter colored grubs are the ones that will actively feed in your pods. Our grubs are farm raised and have been breed with microbially-rich, wild populations to ensure robust genetic diversity.

The colony of freshly-harvested, soldier grubs is shipped in a breathable receptacle with a natural, grain-based bedding. The grubs have been raised on a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and grains (no meat or manure). These hungry little grubbies weigh between .16g and .25g come ready to eat, and are perfect for starting up your grub composter. We coordinate the shipping of your grubs so that they arrive after your pod, in order to give you ample time to set up and select a location for the unit.

For more effective breeding results, separate out any dark colored, mature grubs that you receive and place them in a protected receptacle with slightly moist bedding so that they may pupate into winged adults ready to mate.

USPS Priority Air S&H is $8.50


Shipping Details

Live Delivery Guarantee

Our grub grower guarantees live delivery. In the unfortunate circumstance that the grubs show up DOA, we will replace your grubs at no additional charge - you just have to pay S&H. Since we want your grubs to arrive in good condition, we may delay shipments if the weather conditions are extremely hot or cold. For the Live Delivery Guarantee to be valid, the grubs have to be accepted on the first delivery attempt. Grubs in a confined shipping box can perish quickly when left on a porch or in a mailbox. Please make sure that someone is at your address to receive the delivery and can check the mail everyday until arrival. You may use an alternate address if someone will not be present to sign for the shipment.

If nobody will be available to accept the grubs and you have no alternate address, just let us know when you are ordering, and we will write, “HOLD AT POST OFFICE FOR CUSTOMER PICKUP” on the outside of the box. We will then guarantee the grubs for 24 hours at the Post Office, allowing you plenty of time to pick up your colony. When you first receive your grubs, they may be somewhat sluggish from the trip. This is completely normal. A gentle misting and a quick meal is the fastest way to wake up your grubs. Failure to accept the grubs on the first delivery, or failure to pick up the grubs within 24 hours at the post office voids the guarantee.

Shipping Methods

We ship via USPS Priority Air from our west coast grower - parcels normally arrive in 2-3 business days. Live parcels are normally scheduled to ship on every MON / TUES / WED. Most shipments will arrive by the weekend. We will consider that the Grubs have been delivered alive unless we are notified within 24 hours of the time that the carrier scans or enters them in as delivered. Please do not dispose of the Grubs or the original package until you have corresponded with us.

We may hold back shipping over long holiday weekends if we feel it may negatively impact live delivery.

We can ONLY ship live grubs to the 48 mainland states. We cannot ship to HAWAII, ALASKA, PUERTO RICO, island territories or foreign countries.

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  1. Great Colony Of Starter Grubs 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2015

    Ordered and received a healthy, lively bunch of starter grubs of varying size. Perfect for starting a BSF larva colony!

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