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16" Spike Lawn & Garden Aerator

16Ó Spike Lawn & Garden Aerator

This Five Disc Spike Aerator is ideal for helping maintain small lawns or spot management of under-performing turf areas. It is also a useful tool in the vegetable garden Ð it helps aerate and loosen crusty hard pack, blend in soil amendments and loosen weeds for easy pickings. Using gravity as the force behind the blade entry into the soil, five discs each with eight spikes easily penetrate moistened soils - effectively loosening the ground so that air, water and nutrients can enter. An impressive 7Ó disc diameter allows for a healthy 2.5Ó aeration depth. To increase the weight of the unit, the top portion of frame has been designed with gripping lips and mounting holes to keep a concrete block, sand bag, or lead shot securely in place (we recommend using bungee cords or tied-downs for added support). Comfortable handle for easy pushing, pulling and maneuverability. For best results, use in pre-moistened soils Ð such as the day following a rain. An affordable alternative to coring or bulky powered aerators. 40 total tines.


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