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  • Cart STC compost pull carry transport move easy

2-in-1 Pyramid Compost Mixer w/ Cart

One of the most unique home compost bins to ever hit the market, this 2-in-1 continuous use composter features a variety of innovative enhancements that will revolutionize home composting and separate it from older models. 70-gallon capacity. Food is added at top through a generously proportioned, hinged lid that helps keep out pests and the curious, while holding in heat and moisture. Tapered body provides advanced, passive ventilation that keeps pile well oxygenated. Patented aeration tubules on the sidewalls not only bring in fresh air to the pileÕs core, they mechanically assist with breaking up clumpy sections of compost.

To adequately mix the decomposing materials, the included pile turner is plunged into the top bin and manually cranked using a rotating arm motion Ð easily churning the contents for a more balanced distribution of materials. As the particulates become finer and finer, the churning process allows them to settle out, passing through the perforated bottom and into the cart below. Gradually, a sifted quantity of finished compost builds up with the texture of finely ground humus. Wheeled cart section allows for convenient transport of black gold to almost any part of the garden.

Food scraps and small amounts of soft yard waste can be added continuously, as long as decomposition is ongoing and the process of churning is maintained. By creating a warm, moist, oxygenated environment inside the bin, break down of waste will be nonstop. Because this active part of the pile is not physically connected to the soil below, beneficial organisms need to be introduced by the addition of handfuls of decomposing leaves, healthy soil or live compost Ð this will greatly assist with microbe inoculation.

Black color absorbs warmth from the sun, while the double-walled, insulated body helps retain internally generated heat. Durable enough for year-round use in almost all weather conditions. Metal frame adds to structural integrity without compromising space. 70-gallon capacity.

  • Buy 2 or above and pay only $150.00 each


Minimum Purchase:
1 unit(s)


  • This is one of the few continuous use composters in the marketplace
  • Metal frame enhances structural integrity
  • Top section is well aerated for faster decomposition without the nasty smells
  • Tapered shape assists with ventilation, resulting in aerobic decomposition
  • Eight (8) proprietary, inward-facing aeration tubes bring oxygen inside and double as mixing fins to help break up clumps
  • Crank tool assists with compost churning inside bin
  • Finished compost falls through perforation holes at base of top section into cart below
  • Wheeled cart allows for the convenient transport of finished compost around garden
  • Easy-to-open lid holds in moisture and heat while keeping out pests
  • Designed for year-round, all-season, continual use
  • Double walled construction with metal support frame for better insulation and overall strength
  • Black color helps absorb radiant heat from sun
  • Generous, 70 gallon capacity (9.5 cubic feet)
  • Accepts kitchen waste and soft garden debris
  • Easy to assemble with included illustrated instructions
  • Made from recycled materials (that are also recyclable)


Size Dimensions

35” Tall x 23” Wide x 23” Deep


70 gallons | 9.5 cubic feet (top section is 50 gallons)


42 lbs 


Blow-molded, recycled materials; food grade UV stabilized plastic


1 unit with top potion, bottom cart, pile mixer




60 minutes using household tools


Continuous use style bin

Food scraps, paper, small amounts of soft yard waste

Key Features

Wheeled cart for moving finished compost around garden

Inward-facing, patented aeration tubules 

Pile mixer tool for agitating compost 

Perforated bin base separates finished compost


Designed and engineered in Israel


1 year manufacturer’s


# of Parcels

1 box – 46 lbs

Method of Transit

Ground service

Product Location

New Jersey

Time before shipping 

2-4 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight

27” x 26” x 12”

S&H Fees

$40 (rate applies to lower 48 states only)


Comes with special pile mixer

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