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4ft Homestead ProtaPod Grub Composter

4 Foot Prosumer ProtaPod (Body Only)

Prosumer / Homestead ProtaPod Composting System: 4 foot polyethylene bodies only. These have the bioconversion capacity of 4-5+ BioPod Plus units and can accept 20-25+ lbs per day. This special 2013-14 production run will not include the old metal stand and problematic drainage kit. If you have a source of food waste, offal or manure, you can quickly offset your purchases of store-bought feed by growing huge quantities of grubs for your chickens or fish. Self-reliance meets sustainability meets recycling meets insect farmer!

These are the original GEN I ProtaPods bodies with some drainage support enhancements - they are being made available to DIY setups in limited quantities only. They no longer include filters, collection jars, tubes, etc. We can now nest up to 10 pods on a single pallet. Use matala, perforate plates or coir fiber mats with gravel underneath to promote bottom drainage. When designing your drainage layer, use a maximum diameter of 809 mm. In order to maintain maximum flexibility with both imperial and metric plumbing fixtures, we no longer pre-drill the bottom drainage hole(s). Please call or email for a shipping quote. Each pod is 24 lbs.

Conference calls covering setup and operations are available to ProtaPod clients at no additional cost.  Comes with a 30+ page e-manual.


1 POD:  $130

2 PODS:  $65 EACH 

3+: CALL

* Rates for commercial destinations in the 48 states. Surcharges may apply to residential / rural addresses or those needing lift gates. We do our very best at teaming up customers to save on freight. Call or email for quote. Orders placed through this online system will have freight entered as zero ($0.00), as the system cannot correctly calculate it.  We will contact you with freight fees once it has been calculated to your zip.

NOW IN STOCK ON MAINLAND: Will Call / Customer Pick Up is available in our North Carolina facility near Raleigh. We can now offer reduced delivery fees within a 2-3 hour radius.

HAWAI'I CLIENTS: We sent 40 pods to the islands. They are stored on Oahu. WILL CALL is possible and we can also ship. Please call or email to reserve units.

DISCOUNTS: We understand money is tight in this economy. We can now offer a lay-a-way plan that allows for incremental payment. Also, if you are affiliated with a farm coop, nonprofit, research facility or educational institution we will try to provide price reductions when available. Just call or email.

  • Buy 2 for $290 ea
  • Buy 3 for $280 ea
  • Buy 4 for $270 ea
  • Buy 5 for $260 ea
  • Buy 6 - 12 for $250 ea


In Stock
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit(s)
Maximum Purchase:
12 unit(s)


  • Pair of angled, 30˚ migration ramps allow for natural crawl-off migration and auto-separation of mature grubs
  • Top exit chute connects easily to standard flexible tubing which may be directed to a collection receptacle of your choice
  • Simple, fast and clean collection of grubs due to instinctual, auto-harvesting tendencies
  • Bone color appearance blends in naturally with most settings
  • Durable, heavy duty construction with UV stabilizers insures long life span and multi-year use
  • Enormous capacity allows for volume processing of waste
  • Open style system maximizes air flow - helps maintain aerobic conditions throughout active pile
  • Stable enough to be supported by any rigid, DIY stand
  • Ridged bottom shelf with radial arms allows form placement of drainage plates or pads that help to separate liquids from solids
  • Passive drainage of effluent through any bottom openings for collection in a DIY system or natural seepage into ground below *

* Please note that old drainage ports were metric and designed for a specific gasket and will not longer be pre-drilled. This allows each user to decide where they want the drainage holes, how many and of what diameter (imperial or metric).



Divert AND recycle all residential, commercial and institutional food scraps from the municipal solid waste stream BEFORE trash collection

  • Mitigate germs and odors associated with garbage receptacles by diversion of scraps into pod
  • Remaining recyclables in waste stream have lower levels of contaminants due to separation of organics, thus improving overall recycling rates and waste diversion ratios
  • Keeps critters out of backyard compost bins and trash receptacles by removal of kitchen waste
  • Eliminates the need for insinkerators while decreasing the quantity of organic biosolids that must be processed at water treatment facilities
  • Reduces anaerobic decay in landfills, the primary source of anthropogenic methane, a greenhouse gas 20+ times more potent than CO2
  • Saves energy and lowers the carbon footprint by decentralizing waste pickup


Significant reduction of fresh manure and carcasses in both volume and weight at commercial livestock operations

  • Recapture valuable proteins & lipids as renderable, self-separating biomass
  • Low cost production of sustainable aquaculture / aquaponic feed without depletion of pelagic ocean fisheries
  • Nutritional food for most varieties of domesticated poultry
  • Enhances backyard habitat for insect-loving migratory song birds using specialty feeder
  • A live, high quality supplemental food rich in calcium that is ideal for herps and ornamental fish
  • Live grubs may be supplied to regional bait shops for resale to anglers
  • Friable compost high in cellulose easily transformed by vermiculture into lucrative worm castings or utilized raw as a value-added soil amendment


High Volume Waste Diversion

For more click here

Finished End-Product Uses

For more click here

Food Waste Management

Pupae / Preupae / Mature Grubs

1. Cafeterias / restaurants

2. Zero Waste Shows

3. Festivals / Concerts

4. Ecological Symposiums

5. Farmers Markets

6. Conventions / Expositions

1. Animal Feed: Fish, Poultry, Herps, Frogs

2. Conversion into Renderings

3. Bio-Diesel from Lipids

4. Pet Industry - Live, Dried or Frozen Foods

5. Live Bait for Angler Community

6. Bird Feeders / Wildlife Food

Manure Management

Liquid Effluent

1. Poultry Farms

2. Hog Rearing Facilities

3. Cattle Operations

4. Zoos / Captive Breeding Facilities

5. Other Domesticated Animals

1. Bio-attractant for BSF adult females

2. Repellent for filth flies

3. Combination with zeolite

4. Dilution into a liquid fertilizer (soil drench)

5. Inoculants for starting up new pods

Educational Opportunities

Juveniles / Mixed Instars

1. K-8 Curricula

2. School Vegetable Gardens

3. High School Science Programs

4. University Research Studies

1. Fish food

2. Exotic pet food

3. Starter colonies


Size Dimensions

Top diameter (outer): 44”

Bottom diameter (outer): 34”

Body Height: 26.8” tall


Approx. 20-25+ lbs of food scraps per day

18-22% bioconversion rate (depends on food source)


BODY: 24 lbs empty


BODY: Durable, roto-molded, medium density polyethylene


1 ProtaPod body only


OFF WHITE (BLUE in bulk only)


Drainage holes required

Unit must be sheltered from direct sunlight & precipitation

Place on level surface only


Bioconversion of food scraps and organic wastes

Production of commercial quantities of soldier grubs

Key Features

Mature grubs self-harvest up dual auto-migration ramps

Auto-collection via portal to adjacent receptacle of your choice

Flexible elevation using bricks, block, pallets or timbers

DIY drainage system removes excess liquids, helping maintain aerobic conditions

10 years of product development and testing


Made responsibly in Vietnam


5 year


# of Parcels

1 Pallet (can hold up to 10 nested units)

Method of Transit

Truck Freight or Will Call - CLASS 250, 200 and 150 depending on quantity. Hub delivery available to save on residential surcharges

Product Location

Louisburg, NC

Time before shipping

2-3 days

Time in Transit

3-8 days

Dimensional Weight

45 x 45" pallet (variable height)

S&H Fees

Varies based on weight and distance. Shipping fees are based on delivery to commercial addresses only - residential addresses and lift gate requests may have surcharges


Matala Drainage Pad

Roll of Coir Fiber Pad

BioPod Plus (ships inside ProtaPod at no additional charge)

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