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Pet Waste Disposal

In-Ground Digesters |Indoor Systems | Pet Waste Bags | Worm Bin Digesters | Bag Dispensers | Litter Control 
Why it is necessary to clean up after your pets:

  • Because you have a responsibility as their guardian to tend to their messes
  • Because many communities will impose a fine if they find you are negligent
  • Because you are throwing away valuable fertilizer for your shrubbery
  • Because unpicked poop can transmit pathogenic diseases to children or other pets
  • Because it is mean spirited to let someone else like a maintenance worker do it
  • Because it can end up in the gutter, eventually polluting our creeks and waterways
  • Because it can contaminate our lakes and oceans, resulting in beach closures
  • Because it is a courtesy to your neighbors who don't want to smell fresh poop

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