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AeroBin 600 Composter w/ Central Aeration

The AeroBin 600 is one of the most advanced home composters available today. With a huge capacity and suite of unique features, Model 600 breaks down organic wastes faster than virtually all stand-alone compost bins. The heavily insulated, 1.5" double walls with polystyrene center allow for year-round hot composting - even in colder climates. Black, insulated lid absorbs and hold heat from the sun. High internal temperature means a more favorable environment for beneficial microbes, which promotes faster decomposition. Higher operating temps also kill pathogens and nasty weed seeds. A patented aeration lung at the core maintains aerobic conditions throughout the active pile - critical for speedy breakdown of waste. By bringing in fresh air, the lung also helps prevent the development of unpleasant odors associated with poor ventilation and anaerobic conditions. A moisture recirculation system keeps organic materials moist - critical for optimum microbial activity. Bottom, liquid collection reservoir not only traps effluent for use in the garden, it provides the owner with greater placement flexibility. Because this unit takes advantage of vertical space, the footprint is smaller than other bins half its capacity. Critter and rodent resistant unit accepts all forms of organic waste, include kitchen scraps and food waste. Hinged lid and dual access doors with grip handles provide convenient access to the inside. Required little to no turning. Unit should be located on a stable, level surface. Highly recommended for large families with limited garden space.

  • Buy 2 or above and pay only $450.00 each
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit(s)


Size Dimensions:29” wide x 29” deep x 68.5” tall
Capacity:600 liters | 159 gallons | 21.2 CF
Weight:78 lbs
Composition:80% co-polymer polypropylene, 20% HDPE
Quantity:1, 3 section unit
Assembly:Approx. 1 hour
Usage:Large quantities of kitchen scraps + moderate yard waste
Key Features:Huge Capacity – one of the large for residential use
Insulated walls and lid - great for cold climates
Patented lung aeration system provides ample ventilation
Liquid collect in the leachate reservoir at base (with outlet)
Origin:Designed in Australia, Made in India
Warranty:3 years


# of Parcels:Box 1 – 24 lbs
Box 2 – 50 lbs
Box 3 – 25 lbs
Shipping Method:Ground service
Product Location:Texas
Time before shipping:1-2 days
Time in Transit:1-2 weeks
Dimensional Weight:Box 1 = 30 x 30 x 10” – 24 lbs
Box 2 = 22 x 29 x 25” – 50 lbs
Box 3 = 29 x 15 x 22” – 25 lbs
S&H Fees:$99 (rate applies to lower 48 states only)

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