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Belgian Nightcrawlers or Carolina Crawlers (Eisenia hortensis)

Live Belgian Nightcrawlers or Carolina Crawlers (Eisenia hortensis) - 5 lbs

5 (FIVE) lbs. Larger than the popular red wigglers, European Nightcrawlers (ENC) are relatively new to North America and can grow to over six inches long and as fat as your little finger. Surprisingly easy to raise (though slower to reproduce than red wrigglers), ENC will lay up to 2 cocoons per week when environmental conditions are optimal. Due to their robust nature and impressive size, they are the ideal bait worm for all of your fishing fantasies. ENC's are also well suited as a high-protein food for birds, herps, and fish. ENC's can be raised in a traditional worm bin with shredded cardboard as bedding and kitchen scraps for sustenance. E. hortensis is docile and completely compatible with red wigglers. E. Hortensis tends to populate the lower bedding areas of the bin, where moisture concentrations are highest and temperatures are the coolest, while E. foetida frequents the upper sections. 

5 lbs (1500-1750 worms) - only 8-9 cents per crawler

Shipping is $18 per 5 lbs parcel



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