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Become a CompostMania Affiliate. Promote the environment

Join and Change the world, one garden at a time! As an Affiliate you will receive a commission for all sales completed at that originated from your website. This program is professionally tracked by so your checks will be sent by a neutral third party every month and guaranteed to be 100% Parasite Free!

Share A Sale Highlights

  • Various commission and 45-day cookies to our affilitates, along with performance based bonuses.
  • Professionally managed program.
  • Active on Affilate forum.
  • We do not encourage phone orders and do not have a toll free number.
  • Always willing to work with affilates to minimize overlapping of PPC advertising.
  • Dynamic banners that will update the latest jobs on your site with no work needed from you
  • Job data feed.

Please Sign up at

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  1. I would like info on your affilliate program. Thanks

  2. Debbie, we will be using share a sale. Email me at and I will notify you.

  3. Hi Compost Maniax,

    Like the look of your site and the Worm Tower. Here downunder in Australia we have mainly one brand – Tumbleweed’s Worm Cafe (3 trays) and Can O’ Worms (2 trays) the first rectangular the second round and similar in design to your Worm Tower. Currently retail here at around $93 and $70 Aus. Would like to know if you or the manufacturer ship to Australia. If so for how much? In what quantities? Could be a market for them and we would like to be involved depending on size of spend.


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