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Bokashi Kitchen Composter: 2 Containers

Bokashi Kitchen Composter: 2 Containers, plus a single compressor, bokashi packet and single scooper

The Bokashi kitchen composter is design for moderate amounts of kitchen food scraps. Using this system, it is now possible for urban dwellers to divert their waste stream from traditional end points (landfills and water treatment facilities) and lower the impact on the natural world - without the need for a yard or garden. With the assistance of beneficial microbes and bokashi bran, food scraps are broken down anaerobically in an air-tight vesicle. The process is very similar to brewery fermentation and occurs faster than traditional outdoor composting. ÊFinished compost is an excellent soil amendment and the juice, once diluted, can be utilized as a liquid fertilizer for acid loving plants. ÊKit comes with everything you need to get started. Try the Bokashi Kitchen Composter today.

This price includes two containersÊplus a single scoop, compressor and bokashi bran packet. ÊShipped collectively in 1 box, reducing per unit cost and per unit shipping fee. COLOR:ÊGRAYISH BLACK

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Compact.Ì_ For city dwellers that do not have a yard or garden but still long to compost their food scraps, the Bokashi Kitchen Composter is the ideal kit for small spaces.Ì_ Easily fitting under the sink or tucked away in the pantry, this 5-gallon system features a fold̐back carrying handle that allows for easy transport.Ì_

Air Tight Design.Ì_ The Bokashi Kitchen Composter has a snap fitting lid that keeps moisture and odors locked away.Ì_ No aeration with oxygen in required; the beneficial microorganisms (EM) that are the decomposers use the process of fermentation to break down the scraps efficiently and quickly.Ì_Ì_Ì_ Wide aperture when open provides for convenient dumping of kitchen waste.

Rewarding and Fun.Ì_ The unit comes with a handled compressor that helps drain the liquid bokashi juice from the active pile through the internal strainer and into the liquid catchment area.Ì_ This living liquid can then be harvested with the built-in the spigot and used as a plastic fertilizer. Since the juice is naturally acidic and concentrated, dilute with fresh water and use only on acid loving plants. Ì_For those who have friends with septic systems, the juice can be poured down the drain, helping to maintain a healthy microbe balance.

What is EM and Bokashi?Ì_ Bokashi is a dry, bran-based material that has been innoculated with EM (a mixed culture of naturally occurring friendly microorganisms). It is added as a compost activator to system to speed up the breakdown process. By placing alternating layers of food scraps and bran until the container is full, the food waste quickly ferments, allowing it to be safely composted or used as a soil amendment.

Included Parts:

ÌÁÌ_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Bag of bokashi activator (1)

ÌÁÌ_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ 5 gallon composter unit (2)

ÌÁÌ_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Air-tight lid (2)

ÌÁÌ_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Scooper for bokashi (1)

ÌÁÌ_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Internal strainer (2)

ÌÁÌ_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Spigot (2)

ÌÁÌ_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Handled compressor (1)

ÌÁÌ_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Full instructions (1)

Features & Benefits

Size Dimensions

15ÌÒ high x 13ÌÒ long x 12ÌÒ deep


5 gallons / 18 liters


Unit - 3 lbs

Bag of bokashi bran ̐ 1.32 lbs / 600 g


Heavy-duty, rotom-olded plastic - 100% recycled content


2 containers




< 5 min ̐ no tools required


Kitchen scraps / food waste

Key Features

No need for a yard or garden

Sealed unit emits no odors

Compact ̐ fits underneath the sink

Takes all food waste including meat and dairy


Made in Canada


1 year manufacturers warranty

Product Specs

# of Parcels

1 box; actual weight = 11 lbs

Shipping Method

Ground Service

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Product Location


Time before shipping

2-4 days

Dimensional Weight

Box size - 22 x 16 x 14"

S&H Fees

$15 (lower 48 states only)

$22 (AK,HI,PR - USPS)

Shipping Details

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