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Brill Razorcut Push Reel Mower 38

Brill Razorcut Push Reel Mower 38

Lightweight, 17-lb unit is easy to push

8Ó diameter wheels allows for quick maneuvering

A sleeker, more ergonomically designed unit when compare to the older Luxus models

Ideal for small to medium sized turf areas up to 8,000 square feet

Flame-hardened, welded steel blades for longer life

Non-contact cutting mechanism means the blades stay sharper longer

Dry powder-coated finish on all metal components

Sealed bearings for lower maintenance

5 blades cut with less friction and less noise for a superior, healthier finish

7Ó metal cover protects overhanging flower and shrubs

In Stock

Leave grass clippings on the grass to add nutrients back into the soil, reducing the need to add fertilizers

If you must collect the clippings, recycle them as green waste in your compost pile

Sharpen blades every 5-8 years with regular use

Clear mowing area of branches, cones and rocks before cutting

Gap setting gauge is included for annual reel blade adjustment (keep with instructions so it is not misplaced)

Occasionally lubricate moving parts with a silicone-based spray for extended life

A good rule of thumb to follow when mowing is to cut no more than 1/3 of the grass height at any single mowing event

Not recommended for Bermuda or St. Augustine grass

Additional Info

Size Dimensions

52ÌÒ long x 21.5ÌÒ wide x 13ÌÒ deep


Cutting width = 15.2ÌÒ / 38 cm

Cutting height = .7 to 1.8ÌÒ (adjustable with knob)

Blade Count = 5

Wheel Diameter = 8ÌÒ


17 lbs


Composite materials (enameled steel, plastic)

Flame-hardened, welded steel blades


1 unit




YES ̐ 15-30 minutes


Grass maintenance and alternative turf care

Key Features

Superior engineering




2 year manufacturer̥s warranty

Product Specs

# of Parcels

1 box ̐ 23 lbs

Method of Transit

Ground service

Product Location


Time before shipping

2-3 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight

22.5ÌÒ x 15.5ÌÒ x 11ÌÒ

S&H Fees



Grass catcher (not included)

Shipping Details

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