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Can-O-Worms Vertical Stacking Wormery

Can O Worms Residential Vermiculture System

This advanced vermiculture system takes advantage of the instinctive nature of redworms to constantly migrate upwards while feeding, leaving behind nutritious castings in their trail. Vertically stacking trays make separation and harvesting of the castings and worms much easier than the older, rectangular bin approach. Worms are able to freely migrate between perforated sieve trays so that consumption of food scraps is maximized. This design has been engineered to operate aerobically, so that no fermentation or foul odors are produced. Removable lid possessed multiple ventilation holes for supplemental oxygenation. Bottom level with spigot conveniently captures liquid tea and features built in aeration holes for added ventilation. The Can-O-Worms was developed for indoor use, but may be operated successfully outdoors (in full shade) during the warmer months. Use top feeding, compost redworms for best results. Operational and assembly instructions included.


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  • The 3 active trays with dual handles are interchangeable and may be moved vertically depending on worm activity and casting production
  • Circular shape eliminates sharp edges and prevents food from being trapped in corners
  • Bottom liquid catchment level allows for collection and convenient dispensing of vermicompost tea while enhancing overall aeration with the addition of built-in ventilation holes
  • 5 legged support keeps unit off the ground while increasing stability around children or pets
  • Turns food waste into a value garden resource
  • Castings contribute to soil fertility and healthy root development in plants, while improving soil structure, aeration and water retention
  • Diversion of food scraps reduces trash volume, conserves landfill space and increases the rate of recovered recyclables
  • Recycle the nutrients in your food scraps instead of discarding them
  • Grow live redworms for bait or animal feed and save money on expensive worm purchases

Features & Benefits

Size Dimensions

29ÌÒ tall and 22.5ÌÒ in diameter


Food Scraps:Ì_





daily from 2-4 adults | 2-4 lbs per day

can house from 12-20K of worms

1 lb worms consumes _ lb food scraps / day

functions at temps between 50-95_F

7.6 cf | 57 gallons


18 lbs empty (more than double when fully operational)


100% post consumer waste plastic (UV stabilized)


1 complete system (5 legs, 3 active trays, lid, drainage)


Charcoal black


Less than 15 minutes


Conversion of food scraps into castings, tea, and worms

Key Features

May be used indoors or outside

Stacking system makes it is easy to harvest finish castings

Space saving design takes advantage of vertical stacking

Sturdy, odorless and pest resistant


Developed and made in Australia


5 years (defective parts replacement)

Product Specs

# of Parcels

1 box ̐ 20 lbs

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Product Location

California and New Jersey

Time before shipping

2-3 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight

42 lbs

S&H Fees

$32.00 (rate applies to lower 48 states only)



S&H Details

  • Not recommended for bottom feeding species like earthworms or nightcrawlers
  • Place on level surface only away from areas of heavy foot traffic to avoid constant bumping
  • If situated outdoors, protect from sunlight and precipitation
  • Moistened, shredded cardboard or office paper (no gloss) may be used as bedding for the redworms

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