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Compact EZ Frame DIY Chicken Coop

Compact EZ Frame DIY Chicken Coop

Many of you who raise chickens or are thinking about getting chickens, dream about building your own coop. But for whatever reason --- limited carpentry skills, budget concerns or time constraints --- you end up dropping the idea and resort to looking at expensive, finished coops. Well, there is finally a solution to your frustration. Introducing the EZ Frame Hen House. This kit solves the mystery of a complicated design by providing all of the connection points for you. You supply the 2x2Ó lumber, chicken wire, paneling and box of wood screws --- the 4 joints variants provide all of the necessary angles and support!

Made in the US from heavy-duty polypropylene resin with UV inhibitors, these joints are designed to last. The open pen area or ÔrunÕ is a 38Ó square space and features a hinged door that opens to the outside. The back area provides privacy while roosting or laying Ð you add the features you want. The open architecture offers a unique opportunity to customize where you want food, water, nest boxes, etc. -- adding flexibility to this design.

Place on gravel, mulch, grass or concrete Ð the choice is yours. This is an easy, affordable, DIY project for anyone that wants to learn about basic carpentry without compromising structural integrity in the process. ÊComfortable holds 4-6 standard chickens.

Useful Tips: For the open roof area, cut to size both a shade and rain tarp with DIY grommets that can then be easy fastened and switched out depending on the season and weather conditions. ÊKeep in mind that 2x2 lumber has actual dimensions of Ê1 1/2" x 1 1/2".ÊThis kit only includes bracket joints Ð no paneling, lumber or mesh is provided.


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