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  • Coloring Book Compost Color Pencils Illustrated by Sylvia Hein
  • Compost Music CD Education Learn
  • Playing Cards Gin Compost Education Information
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Complete Compost Educational Kit

Composting Educational Kit: Music CD, CD Songbook, Com-Poster, Worm-Poster, Playing Cards, Coloring Workbook, Teacher's Guide

Compost Gin_ Rummy Card GameÊ
Modeled after the traditional gin card game, the six different suits represent the ingredients of a working compost pile. Each card is assigned a point value and includes helpful hints on compost materials and methods. Each player is dealt 8 cards. By drawing and discarding cards, players progress toward the ideal compost ratio. A best-selling compost educational game for both youth and adults. Perfect for community workshops, earth day events, classrooms and families. Instructions included.

Rot Ôn Roll Music CD
Includes 12 tracks of fun and educational songs about composting, recycling and resource conservation. Helps students to visualize these colorful concepts while listening. Kit comes with a matching, Illustrated Songbook with lyrics and musical notes for the piano savvy and musically inclined.

Com-Poster: The Compost Poster (Color)
This beautifully illustrated reference poster is a worthwhile educational tool for all ages. Dimensions of 18 x 14.5 inches on thick glossy paper stock for long life. Covers the composting process as it cycles throughout the four seasons, while also covering benefits and composting microbes and macro-fauna. Ideal for any classroom setting.

Worm Com-Poster (Illustrated, Color)
Red wigglers are one of natureÕs premier beneficial organisms that are able to recycle food scraps while creating an amazing soil amendment. This glossy 18 x 14.5 inch classroom poster is a great reference for raising redworms and mentions how to layer and maintain a healthy bin. Includes information on feeding and harvesting.

Coloring Workbook
An 11-page coloring book illustrated by wildlife artist Sylvia Hein. Compost educational text and visual concepts developed by Stan Slaughter. A great way to give kids valuable ÔtimeÕ with composting concepts Ð as they color, they absorb the images, allowing the pictures to sink in and stick. Line drawings are best suited to colored pencils. Ages 7 and up.Ê

Compost Learning Guide (Illustrated)
A 23 page illustrated compost education resource containing complete lessons. ÊAn excellent teaching tool for educators. ÊGrades 4-8

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