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Composting Redworms (Eisenia fetida) - 5 lbs

Live Composting Redworms (Mixed Ages) Eisenia fetida - 5 lbs

Composting redworms are a species of earthworm native to the European continent, but now naturalized in North America. They thrive and reproduce in rotting vegetation, food scraps and manure. They prefer to reside in the top layers of substrate (just below the litter layer) and are not normally found deep in soil. Being hermaphroditic, every individual is capable of producing eggs, which are housed in a lemon-shaped, cocoon-like capsule the size of a grape seed - each contains 3-6 babies. Their excrement is a fertile compost referred to as vermi-castings and can fetch a premium in the marketplace. Due to their tolerance of temperature fluctuations, they are highly suitable for many climate zones.

Redworms will consume decaying food scraps and other organic materials such as moist shredded paper and cardboard. Supplying a tiny amount of grit in the form of clean sand will aid in digestion. Worms ship out from the grower on non-holiday MON / TUES via USPS Priority Air for $18

In Stock

  • Cultivate an endless, self-renewing supply of live food for your birds, exotic pets, and fish
  • Produce nutritious quantities of finely grained worm castings for your potted plants and garden
  • Depending on your worm bin, collection of liquid tea for use as a soil drench or foliar spray
  • Dispose of your food scraps and other organic waste streams without sending it down the drain or to the landfill
  • Eisenia fetida is one of the easiest and hardiest species to grow
  • They are a great bait worm because they are very active on the hook (hence the name red wigglers), have a tough skin and stay alive in the water for a long time
  • Grow enough worms to create starter colonies for your friends and family (or additional worm bins)
  • Give your family a working knowledge of the cycle of life and ecology

Features & Benefits

Size Dimensions

35-130 mm long with a diameter of 3-5 mm


Can tolerate temperatures between 40-90_ F

1 lb of worms will eat approx. 1 lb of food scraps in 1 day


under 10 lbs with included bedding


Eisenia fetida (mixed ages)


Approx. 600-1000 worms per pound


Reddish brown


Keep cool, moist and dark


Recycle organic waste into a fertile compost (castings)

Breeding of additional worms for fish, chickens and pets

Key Features

Top feeding species continually eats upwards

Production of large quantities of nutritious castings

Very easy to raise domestically in a specialized worm bin

Population doubles every 3-4 months


Native to Europe (but bred and grown in the US)


Live delivery guaranteed


  • The worm population in a properly functioning bin can double every 90-120 days
  • A cubic yard of manure can contain 50,000 worms which will convert the entire pile to castings in 1 month
  • Vermiculture reduces your carbon footprint by recycling your food scraps and diverting them from landfills where they may be converted to methane gas
  • Raising worms keeps the garbage you do generate ÌÓcleanerÌ¥ - recyclables arenÌ¥t contaminated with food waste and they become easier to separate from the remaining debris
  • Elimination of food scraps from garbage results in a less stinky bin for you and the folks who handle your waste
  • Their excrement is a valuable resource for your garden and plants
  • Protect your colony from predators ̐ raccoons, possums, skunks and moles
  • Bin must not be exposed to temperature extremes ̐ place unit in full shade, out of direct sunlight
  • Do not allow flooding of bin by rain ̐ a wind resistant lid will help prevent soaking and leaching Ì_

More Info

Live Delivery GuaranteeÌ_

Our worm growers guarantees live delivery. In the unfortunate circumstance that they show up DOA, we will replace them at no additional charge - you just have to pay for S&H. Since we want your worms to arrive in good condition, our growers may delay shipments if the weather conditions are extremely hot or cold. For the Live Delivery Guarantee to be valid, the worms have to be accepted on the first delivery attempt. Worms in a confined shipping box can perish quickly when left on a porch or in a mailbox. Please make sure that someone is at your address to receive the delivery and can meet the postal carrier everyday until arrival. You may use an alternate address if someone will not be present to receive the shipment.

If nobody will be available to accept the parcel and you have no alternate address, just let us know when you are ordering, and we will write, ÌÕHOLD AT POST OFFICE FOR CUSTOMER PICKUPÌÒ on the outside of the box. We will then guarantee the worms for 24 hours at the Post Office, allowing you plenty of time to pick up your colony. When you first receive your worms, they may be somewhat sluggish from the trip. This is completely normal. A gentle misting and a quick meal is the fastest way to revive them. Failure to accept the package on the first delivery, or failure to pick them up within 24 hours at the post office voids the guarantee.

Shipping MethodsÌ_

We ship via USPS Priority Air from our closest grower - parcels normally arrive in 2-4 business days. Ì_Live parcels are normally scheduled to ship on every non-holiday MONDAY. Most shipments will arrive by the weekend. We will consider that the worms have been delivered alive unless we are notified within 24 hours of the time that the carrier scans or enters them in as delivered. Please do not dispose of any DOA shipments or the original package until you have corresponded with us.Ì_

We may hold back shipping over long holiday weekends if we feel it may negatively impact live delivery.

We can ONLY ship live worms to the 48 mainland states. Ì_We cannot ship to HAWAII, ALASKA, PUERTO RICO, or island territories.

Shipping Details

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