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Worm Bins

Vermiculture is one of the most exciting forms of composting (worm bins).  Our systems are specially designed to utilize Eisenia foetida, the composting redworm or red wiggler (also called brandling or tiger worms).  This is a top feeding species native to Europe that specializes in devouring decaying food scraps and manure, but will also subsist on other waste streams such as shredded cardboard.  A good rule of thumb: 1 lb of redworms is approx. 1000 worms and can consume 1 lb of kitchen waste per day.   Keep your wormery cool, dark and damp - the preferred environment for redworms.  Always add a little grit to your bin to aid with and promote healthy digestion.  These segmented annelids are full hermaphrodites and will breed prolifically if given the proper care. Browse our large selection of worm bins below.

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