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Down Under Redworm Farm

Down Under Redworm Farm

This sturdy, compact worm bin can handle the food waste from a small household or office (1-2 people). The top breeding box features air slots and a hinged lid, easily accommodating several thousand redworms in its single feeding level. The bottom section is for passive collection of liquid tea and features 4 elevation legs and a central port for convenient drainage. Vermi-composting is faster than normal composting in the garden; most people can begin harvesting fresh castings in 8-10 weeks. Available in BLACK

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Newly re-designed for more effective functionality and better use of raw materials

Comprised of a slightly tapered, top breeding box (measuring 23ÌÒ x 15ÌÒ x 7ÌÒ) and a bottom catcher tray

The sturdy breeding box features a hinged lid and air slits to keep colony dark, damp and oxygenated

Perforations at the bottom of the box allow liquid tea to drain into lower tray

Liquid flows into the central part of the tray where it can emptied via the drainage port collected into a receptacle, then diluted and used as natural fertilizer

Food scraps are placed in the top portion where the redworms reside and breed - castings are harvested from this level

Removable legs elevate unit off of ground while allowing for compact storage during the cooler months

May be used indoors or outdoors (in full shade) during the temperate months

Features & Benefits


21.5ÌÒ Long, 13.5ÌÒ wide x 13ÌÒ high


Food scraps from smaller sized households (1-2 people)


8 lbs empty


GREEN - Heavy duty, UV-protected polypropylene resin

BLACK ̐ recycled pcw polypropylene resin


1 unit






Recycling of food scraps; Raising redworms; production of vermicastings

Key Features

Neat, compact, portable, affordable


Made in Australia


2 year

Product Specs

Kind of Worms:Ì_ Use only top feeding redworms such as red wrigglers ̐ 1000 should be enough to start, as they will reproduce. We do not recommend growing bottom feeding varieties in this system, as they could escape the feeding level through the perforations and end up in the liquid catchment tray. Ì_ Examples of bottom feeding worms include nightcrawlers and earthworms.Ì_

Climate: As outdoor temperatures start to drop to 40_F and below, activity in your worm bin will decline considerably. Bring the unit indoors so that it may be used continuously. Ì_If properly setup, the system will not emit foul odors. Place in a cool dark area such as the basement, laundry room or pantry. Ì_Garages and sheds are fine as long as the temperature remains above freezing.Ì_

Castings: To harvest worm castings from the worm farm, withhold scraps from one side of the bin, placing all food on the other side. Ì_Within a few days, the majority of worms will migrate to the side with the food scraps. Ì_Redworms are negatively phototaxic and will shy away from bright light. Ì_Before collecting your castings in a well-lit area, use a thick, moist cloth to cover the side with the food - the darkness should keep most of the worms on the feeding side while you gather the finished poop from the illuminated side.Ì_ Scoop gently so as not to harm any remaining worms.

Additional Tips

# of Parcels

1 parcel ̐ 9 lbs

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Shipping Time

1-2 weeks

Product Location


Ships out in

2-3 days

Box Dimensions

23 x 16 x 8ÌÒ

S&H Fees


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