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  • Elevated Double Tumbler Saves Back from Strain
  • double wall insulation with horizontal aeration bar
  • Tumblers lock in place for easier loading and dumping
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Dual Drum Compost Tumbler - 100 Gallons

Dual Compost Tumbler - 100 Gallon - Drums Spin Independently

Featuring two drum sections that rotate independently from one another, the Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler is designed to process food waste continually Ð unlike single drum units. Fill one side up and let it cook, while directing any new waste to the other side. By the time the second section is full, the first bin is ready to be emptied. That process is repeated continuously for non-stop, year-round composting. Drums turn on an elevated central axis for a stable, balanced rotation Ð and at a back-saving height. Spring-loaded lock pins prevent spinning during the filling process. A perforated, horizontal shaft assists with mechanical de-clumping, while providing critical ventilation for the aerobic microbes. Each 50-gallon drum is constructed from UV-protected, high-density polyethylene, while the base stand is forged from weather-resistant, galvanized steel. Fully enclosed, off-the-ground design and locking lids help deter most pests. Black, double-wall panels absorb and retain solar heat for faster decomposition. Extra-large, removable hinged lids for convenient access. Red processing clip reminds users which side is cooking and which side can still accept scraps. Ingenious design and fantastic quality! Assembly required. 100-gallon capacity. BPA FREE.


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