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Envirocycle Classic Tumbler and Tea Collector Base

Townhouse Compatible - this one of the few units on the market that can be set on a patios and porches, or placed in the garage or shed. Of course, it works perfectly in a garden setting too!
Stationary - tumbles easily in place on matching base stand with 8 built-in, gliding rollers with metal support rods. Rollers allow drum to rotate freely around the central, horizontal axis.
Small Footprint - perfect for compact or urban gardens. Will fit on a deck or planter bed
Easy to Rotate – drum has over a dozen indentations for enhanced gripping. Easy to turn even when completely full.
Hollow Base - easily collect and harvest up to 3.5 gallons of liquid compost tea; for busy gardeners, remove central cap allowing effluent to harmlessly percolate into ground below. Liquids may be used as a dilute garden fertilizer (soil drench), a foliar spray to cut down on plant diseases, or to inoculate new compost piles with beneficial microbes
Self Contained System - does not need to be placed on a permeable surface like soil or grass; unit can be situated on bricks, asphalt or concrete. Fully enclosed unit makes it difficult for critters to forage - thwarting pests without fencing or repellants.
Convenient Access – drum features a detachable lid door with sturdy metal latch that makes it easy to add new scraps
Easy to Empty – to harvest finished compost, roll drum to desired spot, detach door and tip
Fast & Productive – produces from 450 – 900 lbs of solid compost per year. Dual ventilation ports speed up decomposition.

12 PER PALLET: email or call for S&H quote. Purchase Orders accepted.

Minimum Purchase:
12 unit(s)


  • Rotate drum 3 times per week to insure proper mixing and air circulation
  • To maintain aerobic conditions, keep contents moist, but not waterlogged
  • For best results, do not fill more than ¾ full
  • To use liquid effluent as a plant fertilizer, dilute with 10 parts water : 1 part tea
  • Operational instructions included


Size Dimensions

20.5 l x 25.5 w x 29.5 h (inches)


Drum: 52 gallons / 7 cubic feet

Base: 3.5 gallons / 13.25 liters


20.5 lbs (empty)


UV-stabilized recycled plastic resin (BPA free)


1 unit body, 1 base with 8 rollers




Minimal – no tools needed


Food scraps, small amounts of soft yard waste and shredded paper

Key Features

Patio / deck / porch compatible – space saver!

5-10 composting cycles per year / year-round use

Pest resistant ventilation ports on each side for enhanced aeration

Secure lid with metal latch; rotational grips


Made in the USA


5 years manufacturer's


# of Parcels

1 box – 25 lbs

Pallet of 12 - 48 x 48 x 97"

Method of Transit

Fedex Ground

Product Location

Syracuse, NY

Time before shipping

1-2 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight

31 x 27 x 21” – 91 lb dimensional rate

S&H Fees

$45 (rate applies to lower 48 states only)

Pallet S&H - call or email



The Envirocycle Original Composter/Composteamaker (00:31)
Helping You Help the Environment Since 1991. Visit http://www.envirocycle.com for more information! No other rotating composter has matched the quality and advantages provided by an Envirocycle Composter/Composteamaker. The Envirocycle Original Composter/Composteamaker comes pre-assembled and ready to use. Its versatile and aesthetically pleasing design allows it to fit in almost anywhere, impressing neighbours and other gardening enthusiasts alike. With a fast composting cycle of 4 to 6 weeks, the Envirocycle Original Composter/Composteamaker is also the first commercial composter in the world to collect liquid in the form of leachate - a powerful and natural fertilizer. This distinctive 2 in 1 compost tumbler makes it easier and faster to generate nutrient-rich compost all year round.
  • The Envirocycle Original Composter/Composteamaker
    Helping You Help the Environment Since 1991. Visit http://www...

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