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  • Anaerobic Fermentation Brewery Style Compost Bin Digester

Fermentation Style Anaerobic Composter: 4 Unit Minimum

Brewery-Style Composting! Using the process of fermentation, this unique composter takes advantage of beneficial microbes that decompose food scraps in an oxygen-staved environment. By limiting the oxidation process, precious nitrogen is preserved for use in the garden or greenhouse. Composting occurs relatively slower due to a variety of factors including decreased metabolic activity and lower internally generate temperatures. However, the black color helps to speed up the process by absorbing radiant heat from the sun. The finished end product is a bulkier, nitrogen-rich humus that may be used to amend poor soils - superior to compost acquired by traditional aerobic methods. We can fit up to eight units (8) on a single pallet.

Minimum Order: 4 units

  • Buy 8 and pay only $90.00 each



In Stock
Minimum Purchase:
4 unit(s)

Alternative Methodology. This system uses beneficial microbes that have evolved to perform optimally in a low to no oxygen environment. Anaerobic composting uses the process of fermentation to chemically reduce and break down organic materials, specifically nitrogen or sulfur containing compounds. Though moderate warmth can be detected, these anaerobic setups do not achieve the high internal temperatures commonly founds in aerobic compost units that utilize oxygen to break down the organic waste. Though slower to produce finished compost, the end product is a nitrogen-rich, bulkier humus that is the perfect amendment for depleted soils.

Impressive Features. A generous 120-gallon volume ensures adequate capacity for all your kitchen waste. Open bottom design provides for continuous drainage into the ground below. Digging a hole with a smaller diameter directly below the unit will expand capacity of the system. No aeration ports and tight sealing lid helps maintain anaerobic conditions internally and keep odors lock in.

Less Maintenance. Unlike traditional aerobic bins that need toÌ_be constantly turned to maintain adequate supplies of oxygen (and thus ensuring fast break down), these systems do not have to be aerated for decomposition to take place . If fact, the beneficial microbes in these units do not want to be disturbed and love the low oxygen environs.

Additional Information. Placement in a location with adequate drainage is recommended. Do not allow the unit to dry out or composting will slow considerably; insufficient moisture signs are the appearance of excessive ants or fruit flies. An anaerobic compost bin cannot be overwatered, unlike a traditional system. To keep moist, use household rinse waters uncontaminated with chemicals that may harm beneficial microbes (such as anti-bacterial soaps). An ideal source of additional moisture is rain, pond or creek water. A slimy consistency and a slight sulfur odor are sure signs that the fermentation process is working properly.

Line hole or base with chicken coop wire to fortify against hungry scavengers but allow for beneficial organisms to leave or enter. Avoid adding excessive carbon-rich materials to this type of pile (saw dust, woody clippings, dried leaves, newspaper etc). Do not turn or stir the pile as over exposure to oxygen impedes beneficial microbes and slows the fermentation process. Keep lid on at all times and limit the addition of new food wastes to 1 or 2 times per week. Once material is ready to harvest, dry and aerate the compost for 1-2 weeks before usage in the garden.


Size Dimensions:32” tall and 32” diameter
Capacity:16 cubic feet / 120 gallons / 453 liters
Harvest time is approx. 6 months
Weight:20 lbs each
Composition:Hard polypropylene plastic resin
Quantity:4 units min - includes lids
Assembly:No-tool assembly
Usage:Bottomless outdoor anaerobic unit works best on nitrogen-rich food scraps
and soft, green plant clippings
Key Features:No turning or aeration required
Finished compost is bulkier
Little nitrogen is lost
Odors remain inside (may be detectable upon opening)
Warranty:Warrantied against manufacturer defects


# of Parcels:1 pallet of 4
Shipping Method:TRUCK FREIGHT (palletized)
Product Location:Concord, North Carolina
Time before shipping:2-4 days
Time in Transit:1-2 weeks
Dimensional Weight:33” x 33” x 32”
S&H Fees:$35 each with a 4 unit minimum (rate applies to lower 48 states only)
Shipping is restricted to commercial addresses or Will Call / Pick Up at closest freight hub

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