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Full Circle Worm Farm (4-Tray) - COLOR

Full Circle Worm Farm - 4 Tray - COLOR

This advanced unit is one of the newest vermiculture systems to make it debut in North America. ÊIt utilizes a vertically-stacked, multi-tray design to maximize the natural ability of composting redworms to transform your food scraps and paper waste into a nutritious soil amendment. ÊIn partnership with beneficial microbes, the worms are able to migrate through the different trays levels bio-converting scraps as they migrate and burrow. ÊDesigned with odor mitigation in mind, the unit allows for passive movement of fresh air into the bottom tray and out the top - preventing anaerobic conditions from developing. ÊThe ventilation lid protects the colony from rainfall and light, while helping to keep the unit cool by expelling excess heat in all directions. COLOR = | GREEN | TERRACOTTA

In Stock

  • Placement may by indoors or outdoors in shade
  • 4-tray system houses 8-12,000 redworms
  • Expandable up to 8 working trays
  • Simple to assemble
  • Designed with longevity in mind - 30 year life expectancy
  • Liquid tea collects passively via gravity into the bottom stand
  • Hand-operated spigot allows for easy emptying of tea


  • Produce valuable worm castings for your plants and garden
  • Accepts food scraps, shredded paper and black soldier fly residue
  • Easy-to-harvest redworms are a delicacy to poultry and fish
  • Tea can be diluted at a 20:1 ratio and applied either as a foliar spray to control pests or added to the root areas for plant nutrition
  • 4-tray unit consumes 5-8 lbs of food scraps per week; each add-on tray allows for the processing of approx. 1-2 lbs of additional food scraps
  • Minimal maintenance time
  • Designed for year round production of castings and tea
  • 20 year manufacturer's warranty on parts and workmanship


  • Accessory kit: hand rake, scraper and thermometer
  • Starter worm bedding: coir brick AND shredded paper
  • 4 active-level, 16ÌÒx16ÌÒx5ÌÒ trays
  • Top lid with 'quick-tip' color reference
  • Base stand with liquid collection tray and spigot
  • Instruction guide with photos and illustrations
  • Trace minerals (8 oz)

What is Included

Size Dimensions

18ÌÒ wide x 18ÌÒ deep x 22ÌÒ tall (4-tray)


4-5,000 redworms process 3-6 lbs of food scraps /wk (4-tray)


13 lbs empty / full trays =12.5 lbs/each


UV-stabilized polypropylene resin (75% post-consumer)


1 unit (4-tray system), instructional booklet, trace minerals




No-tool, less than 15 minute assembly


Recycling of kitchen food scraps into worm castings and tea

Indoors or outdoors (full shade)

Key Features

Compact and portable; odor free


Made in Washington State


20 year manufacturer̥s on parts and workmanship


# of Parcels

1 parcel

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Shipping Time

1-2 weeks

Product Location


Time before shipping

1-2 days

S&H Fees

$10 (rate applies to the lower 48 states only)


Additional trays available from factory

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