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  • Green Cone Solar Food Digester
  • Inner Black Cone for Food Digester
  • Underground perforated basket for Green Cone
  • Solar Cone also accepts feces including pet waste
  • rodent and pest resistant top green cone is only visible part
  • dual cones concentrate solar radiation and increase speed of break down

Green Cone Solar Food & Pet Waste Digester

Developed in the UK for breaking down food waste, this in-ground, solar digester uses heat from the sun to generate high internal temperatures for faster microbial activity. The air chamber created by the dual cones allows for passive convection currents to continually move fresh air through the system, providing the necessary oxygen to maintain aerobic conditions, which helps to mitigate foul odors. Protected, underground basket is difficult for hungry critters or curious pets to access - but easy to empty when filled with finished compost. The system provides sufficient capacity to digest 1.5-2 lbs of food waste per day (scraps from 3-5 adults). Amazing technology! Staff recommended

  • Buy 2 $160.00 each
  • Buy 3+ and pay only $150.00 each
  • Buy a pallet of 25 for $125 ea + S&H


We can fit up to 3 complete cones in 1 box, to save on shipping fees. If ordering more than one cone, please call in the order.

1 CONE: 1 BOX: $55 (28 x 24 x 24")
2 or 3 CONES: 1 BOX: $69 (30 x 24 x 24")

PURCHASE ORDERS ACCEPTED.  Call or email for shipping quotes on pallet quantities.

In Stock
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit(s)


  • Ingenious design utilizes solar heating in the double-walled chamber to facilitate and accelerate the aerobic decomposition process within the digestion basket (2 cm distance between inner and outer cones). The temperature gradients created by the double walled solar cone generate passive air movement throughout the system, maintaining the flow of oxygen. Aerobic conditions encourage growth of soil microbes & help mitigate odors associated with anaerobic decay.
  • Once deposited in the below ground digestion basket, there is no possibility for unintentional access to the food waste by human activity
  • Basket is designed with slots which commence 7.5" (19 cm) below surface of ground
  • Hinged lid at top with a turnbuckle security latch protects the 8" access hole
  • Over 90% of the waste materials added will be absorbed as nutrient-rich water by the surrounding soil
  • Beneficial micro-organisms migrate freely between the surrounding soil and basket contents
  • Nutrient-rich water escapes through the basket slots into the ground, benefiting local plant life
  • Accepts all cooked and uncooked food waste including meat, fish, bones, dairy products, vegetables and fruit
  • Unit may be used and operated year-round - even in colder latitudes
  • Recyclables are cleaner and more easily recycled due to the lack of food contamination
  • Less odor is garbage receptacles since food is being diverted to the digester
  • Self-enclosed design is pet, wildlife and child resistant
  • Minimal to no maintenance required
  • Meets all known relevant health, safety and environmental legislation
  • Unit should be place in that part of the garden which receives the most amount of direct sunlight
  • Not recommended for patios or porches unless in a large container with drainage
  • Stake or secure cones with ground pegs or mounded dirt in high wind areas
  • To help improve drainage, amend heavy clay soils with gravel, soil conditioner or compost
  • The water table must be below the bottom of the black digestion basket at all times
  • This system is designed for food scraps / waste - do not add in yard debris
  • Compost residue in underground basket should be emptied into the garden every few years

Solid pet excrement may be added, provided that the user takes the necessary precautions to protect against pathogens when emptying the compost residue (wear gloves, wash hands afterwards). For those who want to use this as a means of naturally digesting pet waste, we recommend buying a second unit exclusively for poopie.


Size Dimensions:SURFACE CONE:
Height: 27.5” / 70 cm
Bottom Diameter: 23” / 59 cm
Top Diameter: 11” / 28 cm
Height (depth): 16.5” / 42 cm
Bottom Diameter: 15.7” / 40 cm
Top Diameter: 21.5” / 55 cm
Capacity:Food waste from 3-6 adults
5-6 kg of food scraps per week (1.5-2 lbs per day)
Temperature inside may exceed 122˚F (50˚C)
Weight:17 lbs / 7.7 kg
Composition:Digestion basket, inner cone = 100%, injection-molded recycled plastic
Outer cone = UV-stabilized polyethylene resin
Quantity:1 outer cone, 1 inner cone, 1 lid, 1 below-ground basket
Color:Outer Cone – GREEN
Inner cone / basket - BLACK
Assembly:Garden shovel to dig hole; screwdriver
Usage:Kitchen food scraps; pet waste
Key Features:Fast digestion of organic kitchen waste
No mixing or churning
In-ground system make access by critters and pets difficult
Origin:Made in the United Kingdom
Warranty:10 years


# of Parcels:1 box - 21 lbs
Shipping Method:Fedex Ground Service
Product Location:North Carolina
Time before shipping:2-3 days
Time in Transit:1-2 weeks
Dimensional Weight:28” or 30" h x 24” w x 24” d (oversized)
S&H Fees:1 unit - $55 (rate applies lower 48 states only)
2 or 3 units ship together in 1 box for $69 (huge savings)

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