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  • Winter Jacket for Composter
  • Composting insulation sleeves
  • Green Johanna Insulation Winter Cold Jacket
  • Green Johanna & Jacket with Compost Turner
  • Insulated Composter for Northern Latitudes and Higher Elevation

Green Johanna + Winter Jacket + Pile Turner

Green Johanna + Insulation Jacket + Pile Turner

  • Works faster than similarly sized units
  • Patented ventilation system provides ample oxygen to pile
  • Rodent and critter resistant design
  • Easy to mix from the top opening using a standard pile turner (INCLUDED)
  • Finished compost is accessible via the two bottom doors
  • Adjustable vents control airflow through the system by a simple turning of the lid
  • Vents also assist in regulating temperature and moisture
  • Base plate slits (4.5 mm) allow beneficial macro-organisms to freely enter and exit
  • Conical shape helps with passive air flow and settling of contents
  • includes winter insulation jacket (3 piece)


Though it has a bottom, we recommend placing it on a permeable surface like grass, mulch or gravel

Slip on insulation jacket (optional) when temperatures drop below 40˚ F (do not leave on when temps are consistently above 50˚ F or you can negatively impact the beneficial decomposers)

Churn your pile once per week and harvest the compost twice per year

RRP: $295.00 (You save $20.00)
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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit(s)


Size Dimensions

37.5” tall

Diameter: 31.5” at base and 21” at top


11.5 cubic feet / 87 gallons / 330 liters

Unit (with jacket) will operate down to -10˚ F

Diverts from landfill over 260+ lbs of food scraps annually


24 lbs empty (jacket adds another 1 lb)


Recycled, post-consumer waste plastic resin


1 complete unit + jacket + turner




Approx. 30 minutes (need Philips screwdriver)


Food scraps (all kinds), small amounts of soft yard waste

Key Features

Features a bottom (rare in compost bins)

Twist-lock lid

Insulation jacket (included)


Made in the UK


5 year manufacturer’s warranty

Shipping Details

# of Parcels

1 box

Shipping Method

Ground Service

Product Location


Time before shipping

2-4 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Box Dimensions

32” x 32” x 11”

S&H Fees

$40 (rate applies to lower 48 states only)


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