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Hanging Worm Hotel + Stand Kit

Hanging Worm Hotel + PVC Fittings Kit (White Only)

This unique worm bin has been designed with practicality in mind. The 4 top loops allow for suspension from the DIY sturdy stand. Durable Cordura poly fabric insures long life while resisting the elements. Simply unzip the mesh cover, dump food scraps and let the wormies do the rest. Compost tea dribbles quietly through the lower opening while finished casting accumulate at the tapered bottom. Harvest is easy and fun using the drawstring closure. Simply open, squeeze gently on the bottom walls, and push the casting out into a receiving bucket. The vast majority of redworms remain in the top feeding sections, eliminating the need for manually separation of worms from compost. Please note: stand corners always come in white. Black stand has been painted to illustrate possibilities. ÊBody Colors Available: REDÊ|ÊGREENÊ|ÊCAMOÊ|ÊBROWNÊ|ÊPURPLEÊ

This item CAN ship to GU, PR, AK and HI for $16

In Stock

  • Heavy-duty Cordura nylon fabric is long lasting and resistant to abrasions, tears and scruffs
  • Strong top loops allow unit to hang, supporting the full weight of an actively-feeding redworm colony
  • Unique suspension style keeps system off the ground and away from pets and hungry critters
  • Continuous flow, tapered body design directs finished castings down to the lower section
  • Draw string constricts bottom opening, allowing liquids to continuously drain, but hold back castings until operator is ready to harvest
  • No foul odors or muddy castings like with traditional worm bins
  • Takes advantage of the natural instinct of redworms to constantly eat upwards
  • No need to dump entire contents to manually separate worms from castings - bottom layers are virtually free of worms, which are busy feeding near the top
  • May be placed indoors or outdoors if protected from direct sunlight
  • Range of colors satisfies most aesthetic issues (camo model blends in nicely with the garden)
  • Ideal for classroom study or educational display
  • DIY stand - includes corners and ties but you *MUST* obtain the PVC pipes locally (too big to ship)

Features & Benefits

Size Dimensions

25ÌÒ Tall (loops add another 2ÌÒ) x 15ÌÒ deep x 15ÌÒ wide

PVC Stand: 37ÌÒ tall x 19ÌÒ wide and deep


2+ cubic feet

Room to hold 4000+ redworms


15 oz (empty unit without stand)


Heavy-duty Cordura poly-fabric, zippered mesh covering


1 bag

1 DIY stand kit (not including PVC pipe)







Recycling of food scraps and production of worm castings

Key Features

Suspension style allows for continuous flow operation

Harvest castings from bottom without sorting worms




1 Year

Product Specs

# of Parcels

1 box

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Product Location


Time before shipping

1-2 days

shippingÌ_in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight


S&H Fees

$12 (rate applies to lower 48 states only)

$16 - GU, PR, HI, AK, USVI


Comes with DIY stand fittings (PVC piping not included)

Shipping Details

  • Use top-feeding redworms only (bottom dwelling species will not work in this unit)
  • A topper of shredded cardboard or white paper help inhibit flies and retain moisture
  • System can be hung from DIY pvc stand using included zip ties
  • If operating indoors, a liquid receptacle should be placed underneath unit so that tea may be collected
  • Avoid glossy paper when making bedding (toxic chemicals may be present in the inks)

DIY Stand Builders:

Purchase 3, 10 ft sections of _ÌÒ PVC pipe at the local hardware store

Cut 4 ̐ 36ÌÒ sections which will be the vertical legs

Cut 8 ̐ 18ÌÒ sections which will serve as the horizontal support beams

Use PVC corner fittings to connect the PVC rods as seen in the picture

Attach zip ties around both the top horizontal support bars and the loops so that unit is secured to stand

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