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Jute Composting Leaf Sacks - Set of 12

Composting Leaf Sacks: Biodegradable Jute Fiber - Set of 12

SET OF 12. We understand that Autumn leaf clutter from your deciduous trees can overwhelm your compost bin and mental stability. So why even attempt to squeeze them all into your bin when you can take advantage of this innovative alternative? With these un-dyed, Jute Composting Sacks you will transform this plentiful resource from nature into valuable LEAF MOULD, which makes a wonderful, slightly-acidic mulch for all of your garden beds and perennial plantings. Leaf compost helps to suppress weeds, retain moisture, provide essential nutrients, buffer pH, and increase the organic portion of your soil. It assists with the development of living soils by creating a hospitable environment for beneficial microbes, macro-fauna and fungi. The jute fibers in these bags possess a high tensile strength that makes them strong enough to be overstuffed and carried to their final resting point, where they will slowly biodegrade along with their contents. They seem small at first, but once you start packing in the leaves, youÕll be happy they are not bigger! Leaves should be collected slightly wet and left undisturbed in the sacks for about a year (shady location is best). The breathability of the loose-weave mesh provides entry of oxygen and rain, which are both necessary for aerobic breakdown. To save space and retain internally generated heat, filled sacks may be stacked on top of one another. SET OF 12



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