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Large Composting Orb w/ Roller Base - 71 GAL

Large Composting Orb with Base Stand (8 built-in ball bearing rollers) - 71 GAL - Black

This large capacity, spherical composting orb is the ideal solution for engaging the entire family in composting. Kids will have loads of fun rolling the unit around the yard, mixing and aerating the contents as they go. For less energetic gardeners, the orb will also spin in place on a sturdy base stand with built-in ball bearings for smooth gliding. Dark color absorbs heat from sun, while air tubules allow oxygen to enter the biological active core Ð both factors are essential for rapid decomposition. Dual lid design makes adding food and dumping of finished compost convenient rather than problematic. This newer model is easier to assemble than older units (using standard household tools), with less tiny parts and straight forward, illustrated instructions. Made for year-round, multi-season use.


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