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  • Propagation Pot Cup Air Layering Tool Clone Branch Tree Shrub
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Large Rooter Pots: Plant Propagation - Cs/20

Rooter Pots - Bulk Pricing - Full Case - LARGE 5" Diameter

CASE OF 20 - Just imagine having a whole orchard filled with your favorite trees, vines and berries! With this amazing propagation technology developed in Spain, you can have exact clones of your favorite woody plants Ð without the high cost of purchasing additional trees or the time constraints of starting from seed. Why buy birthday presents when you can grow them yourself? All you really need is to find an upright stem from an established tree, vine or shrub and the Rooter Pot does the rest of the work for you in just 8+ weeks. One of the more exciting features found in these devices is the water reservoir that ensures ample moisture is continuously available to the new root system - a significant improvement over traditional air layering techniques. Translucent body allow for weekly checking of rooting progress. Works with any standard rooting hormone. Complete instructions are included. Size - LARGE

CASE OF 20 @ $4.60 per unit

In Stock


Vertically hinged with quick-close fasteners so that it can be clipped around the stem or branch
Water reservoirs (one on each side half) perforated by cones, keeps new roots from drying out via capillary action
Rooter pot operates as a mini-greenhouse, keeping inside conditions ideal for successful rooting
Can accept vertical branches (with some side branching) from 1/2ÌÒ to 1ÌÒ in diameter
Once the branch has adequately rooted, cut below the pot and transplant out
Winner of numerous international gardening innovation awards
Easy to water from the top lid, while a bottom portal prevents flooding by allowing excess liquid and reservoir overflow to be released to the environment
Reusable year after year (with proper cleaning)


With these devices, you don̥t need to be a skilled, air-layering expert to have successful results
Propagate cultivars and plant varieties that do not breed true from seed
Faster than grafting (new plants will live on their own roots)
Eliminates the awkwardness and problems associated with traditional air-layering (dries out to quick and difficult to inspect rooting progress)
Suitable for organic agricultural methods and practices
Works with any standard rooting hormone and soilless, peat-based potting mix
Economically clone plants fast ̐ can have multiple rooter pots on a single tree

Features & Benefits

Size Dimensions

6.25ÌÒ tall x 5ÌÒ diameter


Branches _ÌÒ to 1ÌÒ in diameter


< .3 lb each


Durable, articulated plastic resin


20 per case


Translucent body, black lid


Minimal; needed tools: sharp knife, pruning shears


Use air-layering technology to clone woody trees & shrubs

Key Features

Water reservoir to prevent drying out

Uses standard rooting hormone and soilless potting mix

Reusable year and year

Combines advanced technology with air-layering technique


Made in Spain


1 year

Product Specs

What is Included:

Hinged translucent body (the pot) with water reservoir
Dark lid allows for easy watering
Stick on labels for identification (and helps keep out sunlight)
Complete instruction

Recommended Accessories:

Curved-tip syringe for re-filling the water reservoir
Soilless, peat or coir-based potting mix
Rooting Hormone gel or powder

More Info

# of Parcels

1 box

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Product Location


Time before shipping

1-3 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight


S&H Fees

$12 (rate applies to lower 48 states only)



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