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Mason Bee Nests - 104 Tube Shelters, Case / 6

Orchard Mason Bee Nesting Houses: 118 Tube Shelters - Case of 6

Set of 6 kits per case. With the volatile and declining honeybee population due to Colony Collapse Disorder, fruit growers are being challenged to find alternative pollinators. Native Mason Bees have been present in North America for millions of years; each is capable of performing the pollination duties of 100 honeybees. While they cannot product honey, the problems afflicting honeybees (introduced by Europeans over 400 years ago) donÕt appear to affect mason bees. We call these American natives ÔMasonsÕ because they utilize mud to build and seal their nests. Based on extensive research from the USDA, our kits provide safe habitat and the ideal size holes for the females to lay their eggs. Because each female can lay 6-7 eggs per nesting tube, a gardener can easily magnify the local population of native masons in just a few years time.

Mason bees are marvelous early season pollinators of fruit trees, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries, as they are more active in the cooler temperatures of spring than the naturalized honeybees. Moreover, their hairy little bodies are able to carry more of the pollen needed for fertilization of blossoms. Masons are small, cute and docile bees that rarely sting. Every edible garden should have a few starter homes to help support our native bee species.

Position the nests in a sheltered, dry, sunny spot, facing East, South or somewhere in between. The location should be 6-8 feet off the ground, protected from rain and as level as possible. You can easily attach the mason bee houses to any wooden structure (up under the eaves is ideal) utilizing a roll of plastic hangar tape - normally used to support drainpipes in basements and crawl spaces (see picture for and MORE INFO TAB for additional details). Minimum:Ê1 order of 1 case (6 kits)

BULKING PRICE (SET OF 6) - as low as $18.33 each

In Stock

  • Each nest is housed in a sturdy, reusable PVC casing with a 6 _ÌÒ length
  • Kraft paper tubes are each 6ÌÒ long and 5/16ÌÒ in diameter and have acetate wrap for added strength and moisture protection
  • By providing smooth paper tubes, the females have a lot less prep work to do with nest construction and can channel the extra time and energy into egg laying
  • To maximize population densities, nests may be stacked and collectively grouped
  • Our bee house takes advantage of the gregarious nature of masons that tend to live in groups
  • Mason bees are docile enough to observe them closely, as they build the nests and lay multiple eggs
  • Species compatible with this nest design: Osmia lignaria, Osmia montana, and Osmia californica
  • To minimize a buildup of parasite mites than may harm the babies, replace used tubes annually

Features & Benefits

To easily mount aÌ_bee nest, purchase a roll of plastic hanger tape from the home improvement store (found in the plumbing supply section). These are normally used to support and secure pipes to walls. These come with pre-punched nail holes that repeat every approximately every half inch. Wrap a piece around the circular mason bee home until a few holes overlap. Cut the tape. Hammer a flat head nail through the overlapping holes into the wood, until firmly attached. Slide the circular house about half way into the circular loop. Level as needed.

More Info

Size Dimensions

LG: 6 _ÌÒ long x 4ÌÒ diameter

Kraft paper tubes: 6ÌÒ long x 5/16ÌÒ diameter


Shelter for native mason / orchard bees

118 tube: 500+ bees


< _ lb each


Outer Casing:Ì_ durable PVC

Inner Tubes: smooth, 6ÌÒ Kraft paper


Case of 6 LARGE: (118 tubes inside poly casing)




5-10 minutes


Increases the population of native pollinators in your garden (orchard bees are more efficient than honeybees)

Key Features

Earlier pollination of garden edibles

Native mason bees are less susceptible to honeybee ailments

Superior pollinators when compared to honeybees

6ÌÒ paper tubes are preferred to holes in wooden block and also insure a higher female ratio among eggs produced


Made in the USA


1 year


# of Parcels

1 box - 4 lbs

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Product Location


Time before shipping

2-3 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight


S&H Fees

$9 (lower 48 states)

$16 (AK,HI,PR)


Kraft Paper Tube Replacements (case of 600)

Shipping Details


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