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Matala Filter Drainage Pad for ProtaPod

Matala Filter Drainage Pad for ProtaPod (BLUE HIGH DENSITY)

We have been searching for years for a high-quality drainage pad that can withstand the weight of the food scraps and last for multiple seasons without breaking down. Introducing: Matala. The blue, high-density Matala filter media is extremely effective as a permanent drainage pad for the ProtaPod, allowing the liquid tea to drain away from the active colony above. It is essential that the liquids continually drain from the pod; otherwise anaerobic conditions may develop, resulting in unpleasant odors - possibly deterring pregnant females from laying eggs. The structural integrity of the drainage pad is sufficient to withstand compression from voluminous food scraps and castings, and will continue to function appropriately in a completely filled pod. The filter media will not corrode or decay and can be reused year after year. Unlike natural fiber pads like coir, burlap or jute, the Matala pad will not be eaten or unraveled by the active grubs.

In Stock

  • Strong enough to support the weight of food scraps added to the pod
  • High-density mesh effectively filters out most particulates from the liquid effluent
  • Enhances the ability of the drainage channels to carry tea away from pod contents and into collection jars
  • Prevents the build up of liquids in the active pile, while helping to maintain aerobic conditions
  • Inert material will not decay or corrode - grubs will not consume the pad
  • Will not produce chemicals harmful to the pod inhabitants
  • Lightweight and easy to clean and the end of the season

Requires cutting to size. Bottom of inside of pod measures 860 mm across central channel (perpendicular to) x 825 mm in the central channel (not an exact circle). Very easy to cut. You only need a sharp carving tool such as an 8-inch turkey carving knife. Due to the size of the sheet, each pad must be folded for shipping purposes, creating a permanent crease. This will not affect the performance of the drainage pad, but will result in a mild kink.


Size Dimensions

48 x 39 x 1.5" thick (3.8 cm thick)


0.5 lbs / sq inch will compress the material from original 3.8 cm down to 3.4 cm (approx 0.4 cm compression)


7 pounds




1 mesh pad




Requires measuring and cutting to size (less than 1 hour) Use an 8 inch long serrated carving knife


Drainage pad for commercial ProtaPod

Key Features

Filters out small particles while maintaining good flow


Made in Taiwan


No manufacturer warranty; however, Matala has been used in various industries around the world with excellent results. The original Matala is still in use after 11 years in multiple facilities.


# of Parcels

1 folded sheet per box

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Product Location


Time before shipping

2-3 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight

box size 40" x 24" x 4" (2 units increase box height to 7")

S&H Fees

$25 (lower 48 states only)



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