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  • Mushroom inoculation of stump or logs - pioppino - Agrocybe aegerita
  • Organic Pioppino Indoor Mushroom Grow Kit Agrocybe aegerita
  • Pioppino Pioppini Indoor Mushroom Patch
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Organic Pioppino Indoor Mushroom Patch

Organic Pioppino Indoor Mushroom Patch (Agrocybe aegerita)

Start expanding your indoor shroomery by the addition of this fabulous culinary species. With a mellow, deliciously attractive flavor the Pioppino Mushroom (Agrocybe aegerita) is a prolific grower, often forming large clusters Ð both in controlled settings as well as in its natural environment. This edible variety is a very aggressive colonizer and the ideal candidate for stump recycling, especially in the Southeastern portion of the US. Larger diameter stumps can sustain massive fruitings for many years. Though it is a subtropical species, it can be found growing wild in many humid parts of the US. Also know as the Black Poplar Mushroom, Chestnut Mushroom or Velvet Pioppini. A favorite with many fungi connoisseurs, this firm and meaty mushroom is excellent on its own; its robust forest flavor will also impart a sweet nutty taste to pasta, risotto, wild game and casseroles. Highly recommended by staff


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