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  • Cascade Stacking Vertical Redworm House System
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Patriot Worm Tower - 5 Level System with Tea Collector

Patriot Worm Tower - 5 Levels

Patriot Worm Tower takes advantage of the natural tendencies of composting redworms to constantly eat upwards. Initially, Food scraps and worms are added to the lowest processing tray. As they consume, they leave behind valuable castings that are easy to access and harvest. These may be used directly on plants inside or in the garden, without the fear of burning roots or foliage. Additional trays with new scraps are added on top and the colony expands; the worms migrate up when they have finished eating the food in the lower trays. After all of the food has been transformed into castings in the lowest active tray, that level is emptied and placed on top with new scraps Ð maintaining a continuous processing cycle. Liquid effluent is constantly produced as a byproduct of food breakdown Ð the bottom holding tray collects this Ôworm teaÕ and can be used as a fertilizer or foliar spray on your plants, if diluted.Ê

Additional Comments: use top feed redworms only; avoid utilizing bottom feeding varieties in this system as they may clog up the collection level


In Stock

  • System can house 4-5000 redworms, consuming 3-6 lbs of food scraps per week
  • To accommodate the diversity of household size, the unit can be expanded up to 7 trays
  • Advanced stacking system can operate continually (year-round) provide the ambient temperature does not drop below 40 degrees F.
  • Processing of food scraps occurs aerobically, if done correctly ̐ no foul odors!
  • Bioconversion of food scraps into finished castings is faster than garden composting
  • System may be utilized to process compost or black soldier fly residue into finished vermi-castings
  • If environmental conditions are favorable, breeding will occur readily and increase the size of your colony, proportional to the food scraps provided
  • Liquid tea is produced as a byproduct and easily collected via the hand-operated spigot; it may be utilized in the garden as a dilute fertilizer or foliar spray
  • Quick Tips are printed on the lid for easy reference
  • Choice of 3 colors allows for aesthetic integration into most garden settings


  • Base tray with legs
  • Holding & collection tray
  • Spigot for drainage
  • Stacking / working trays (3-5, depending on kit)
  • Coir brick
  • Shredded starter paper
  • Flat lid with quick tips and knob
  • Instruction manual


This system is designed for top feeding worm species; do not attempt to use bottom feeding varieties such as earthworms or nightcrawlers as they will clog the drainage system and could even perish in the liquid holding tray.


Size Dimensions

3-Tray - 16ÌÒ wide x 16ÌÒ deep x 13ÌÒ tall

4-Tray ̐ 16ÌÒ wide x 16ÌÒ deep x 14.5ÌÒ tall

5-Tray ̐ 16ÌÒ wide x 16ÌÒ deep x 16ÌÒ tall


4-5000 redworms eating 3-6 lbs of food scraps / week

each additional tray houses approx. 1000 worms


5-Tray ̐ 14 lbs


UV-stabilized, post-consumer recycled plastic resin


Base unit is 1, 3-tray system




< 15 min; no-tools needed


Use top feed worm species only (Eisenia foetida)

Key Features

Can be used indoors or outdoors


Made in the USA


5 year manufacturer̥s warranty on parts and workmanship


# of Parcels

1 box

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Product Location

Washington State

Time before shipping

Approx. 2 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight


S&H Fees

These flat rates apply to the lower 48 states only

5-Tray - $6.95


Additional tray available from factory

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