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Pet Poo Bio-Converter

Pet Poo Bio-Converter

Stop flushing or sending your pet crap to the landfill! That myopic practice makes no sense when you can recycle it at home using the natural power of composting redworms. ÊDespite common misconceptions, mammalian droppings are a perfectly healthly food for redworm colonies. ÊAs long as the worms are feed an exclusive diet of feces and shredded cardboard, they will continuously consume (along with the assistance of beneficial microbes), transforming the waste into garden-ready castings. ÊOperate the system as you would any other worm bin, keeping in mind a few additional precautions (see 'MORE TIPS' in the tab section). ÊThe top breeding box houses the entire colony and features ventilation slots, bottom perforations Êand a hinged lid. The base tray with legs collects the liquid that drains to a central port for convenient harvesting. ÊDo not expose unit to full sun to avoid overheating your colony. ÊColor =ÊBLACK (green is no longer available).


-Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Designed as a self-contained vermiculture Ì_system where the top ÌÓfarmingÌ¥ section has a perforated floor, ventilation slits, and a hinged lid while the lower ÌÓcatcherÌ¥ compartment has a central drainage port and legs for off-the-ground elevation

-Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Pet waste and biodegradable bedding are placed in the top portion along with the redworms ̐ here the worms biologically convert (with the aid of beneficial microbes) the feces into finished castings ready for harvest

-Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ As liquid tea is produced as a by-product of decomposition, it passively flows through the perforated bottom into the base section where it may be collected, diluted, and used as a nutritious liquid fertilizer

-Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ May be used indoors or outdoors in full shade during the temperate months

-Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Safe to operate and educational for the whole family

-Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Complete instructions included

Features & Benefits


21.5ÌÒ Long, 13.5ÌÒ wide x 13ÌÒ high


1-2 domesticated pets, 3-4000 redworms


8 lbs empty


Heavy duty, UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic (black is recycled)


1 unit




Minimal ̐ no tools required


Eco-processing of pet stools (dogs, cats, pigs, etc.)

Raising redworms for chickens, fish, or castings

Indoors or outdoors (full shade)

Key Features

Compact and portable; odor free, collects liquid tea


Made in Australia


2 year

Product Specs

-Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Do not mix food scraps in with the pet dropping or worms will selectively ignore the stools and preferentially target the kitchen waste

-Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Only use chemical-free, biodegradable litters that will be eaten by the redworms along with the feces

-Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Immune suppressed individuals or pregnant women should not operate this unit for processing of feline (cat) waste due to pathogen concerns

-Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Do not use the stools of animals that have been recently treated for worms as they may harm your redworm colony

-Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_Ì_ Only use top feeding redworms in this system

More Tips

# of Parcels

1 parcel ̐ 9 lbs

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Product Location


Time before shipping

2-3 days

Delivery Time

1-2 weeks

S&H Fees


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