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Rain Catcher 54 Gallon - GREEN

Rain Catcher 54 Gallon - GREEN

This 54 gallon unit possesses a myriad of features including lateral expansion ports for connecting additional barrels, overflow mechanism to divert excess water into a gutter, durable UV-stabilized polyethylene for extended life and a debris screen supported by a safety grid for added protection. To access the harvested rain water, a 4 foot hose with thumb-operated valve is included with each barrel.

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Rainwater is healthier than tap water form your plants and garden.Ì_Ì_No chemicals means the soil-borne, beneficial microbes will be present in higher concentrations.Ì_Ì_Capturing water off your roof diverts potential runoff away from the gutter, lessening the impact on municipal storm water systems.

Safety.Ì_Ì_Molded-in, 6 arm grid at top prevents unwanted entry.Ì_Ì_Flat back allows for direct placement against a wall to minimize the potential for tipping.Ì_Ì_Screen keeps wildlife from entering at top.

Expandable.Ì_Ì_Dual linking ports (one on each side) positioned at top rear provide the ability to connect barrel in series with additional units using the including linking kit. When the internal water height reaches the lateral linking ports, water flows into the adjacent barrel.

Water Collection.Ì_Ì_Generously sized at 54 gallons, each includes a removable debris screen made from aluminum mesh.Ì_Ì_Virtually all rain directed to the screen area is captured through 6, large triangular openings at top, leaving behind large particulates from the roof.Ì_

Overflow Capability.Ì_Ì_To prevent overflow and reroute excess rainfall away from your foundation, this unit features an overflow port in the back top section that connects to a flexible tube which travels vertically down a protected groove, underneath the unit, and out the front to an awaiting drain or gutter.

Convenient.Ì_Ì_Comes was a 4 foot house with thumb valve so the user can utilize the harvested water as needed. Hose neatly clips to a slot at the top of the barrel when not in use.

Features & Benefits

Size Dimensions

32ÌÒ tall and 24ÌÒ diameter


54 gallons / 204 liters


20 lbs


Durable, UV-stabilized polyethylene resin


1 unit




Minimal; linking kit requires 10 minutes


Collection of rainwater off of roof

Key Features

Debris screen, hose, expandable


Made in Canada


1 year

Product Specs

Rain barrels filled with liquid are of impressive weight; do not place on decks or patios that have unsupported boards. Ì_Always make certain the site location is completely level to avoid any possibility of tipping. Ì_If you wish to elevate your unit so that water pressure at the tip of the spigot improves, use only structurally sound materials that can are of weight baring design, such as concrete blocks.

Included Items:

  • 54 gallon rain barrel
  • 4 foot hose
  • spigot for hose
  • overflow tube
  • debris screen
  • hose clip
  • linking kit

More Info

# of Parcels

1 box ̐ 23 lbs

Shipping Method

Ground Service

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Product Location

New England

Time before shipping

3-6 days

Dimensional Weight

32 x 24 x 24ÌÒ

S&H Fees


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