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  • Mechanical Destruction of Fire Ants
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Solar Fire Ant Crusher

Solar Fire Ant Crushers

Stop throwing poisonous pesticides, gasoline or boiling water on your yard to control imported fire ants (black or red) Ð these can be dangerous, marginally effective and may introduce toxins that will impact your soil and water quality. The patented, Chemical-FreeÊFire Ant Crusher kills targeted colonies quickly, without the need for harsh chemicals or complicated traps. This proven technology uses vibrations to agitate an active mound into a continuous attack on the unit, which the ants perceive as a threat. Once on the base plate, the weighted rollers crush them effortlessly. During daylight, the solar cells recharge the battery that powers the motor. The average colony can be depleted of workers in 15-30 minutes. A nest that is not able to sustain itself will quickly collapse.

ThisÊultra green technology is not only reusable, it is completely safe for people, animals, food gardens, ecosystems and native ant species.Ê In these tough economic times, our Ant Crushers are the most cost effective means of controlling red and black imported fire ants - and may be used any time of day and in most weather conditions. Ê Designed for reuse and literally 1000's of treatments; if the recharable batteries ever wear out, simply replace them. ItÕs poetic justice knowing that this technology exploits the ant's most aggressive trait Ð attack swarming to protect the colony Ð and uses it against them. The green, economical solution to fire ant control. Made in the USA. Fully charge batteries before 1st use.ÊTested and highly recommend by staff - yes - it REALLY works!

WARNING: do not lend out to friends and family without reminding them that they need to bring these back when finished. ÊBuy a few extra and share them with adjacent property owners!


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