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Spherical E-Composter - Charcoal Black

Spherical E-Composter - Charcoal Black

The spherical shape has the lowest surface to volume ration of any shape, allowing retention of internally generated heat.Ê The dark color also absorbs heat from the sun, promoting faster decomposition.

The sphere is able to tumble in any direction, randomly and effectively blending the contents to maintain consistency throughout.

The large and patented air induction tubes provide an influx of oxygenated air into the center of the active pile, while assisting in the break up and mixing of materials as the unit rotates Ð mitigating clump formation.

The two large access portals allow for easy dumping of scraps or harvesting of finished compost (each features a smaller central circle which can be opened with a special tool.

The inside of the orb house 32 hollow air tubes designed to bring in oxygen and moisture into active pile.

Designed to be rolled to the location needed Ð for either filling or dumping

No sharp edges to harm children, pets or wildlife

Please Note: Place your fingers in the side holes to lift to orb Ð DO NOT use the handles, which are used to lock the outer lid in place.ÊÊ This unit is heavy when filled Ð always place the base on level ground.

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When selecting a site for placement, look for an area with level, permeable ground and one that receives ample sun in winter and partial shade in summer

All tumblers benefit by the addition of several handfuls of humus from an active pile or a few scoops of compost starter

Rotate the unit in any direction daily to insure proper aeration ̐ the churning movement provides the beneficial microorganisms with the necessary oxygen to break down the organic waste.

Maintain ample moisture levels inside ̐ do not allow active pile to dry out or microbe activity will slow

Stop adding materials when unit is 2/3 full so that contents can continue to move and mix freely

Apply finished compost to the garden 3-4 weeks before plants so that the decomposed materials have time to integrate and stabilize within the soil

More Info

Size Dimensions

Sphere: 32ÌÒ diameter

Standard Base: 3" tall


71 gallons / 11 cubic feet


Sphere: 19.4 lbs / 8.8 kgs


Recycled nylon plastic resin


1 orb, 1 base




2-3 hours using standard household tools


Batch-style, compost tumbler (roll it to where it is needed)

Key Features

Exciting to use ̐ educational for entire family

2-in-1 dual lids allow for easy loading or harvesting

Inner small lid for food scraps

Easy to tumble with minimal effort

Fast, hot composting


Designed and engineered in Israel


1 year manufacturer̥s against defects


# of Parcels

1 box ̐ 26 lbs

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Product Location

New Jersey

Time before shipping

2-3 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight

25ÌÒ x 23ÌÒ x 11.4ÌÒ

S&H Fees


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