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Sustainable Biomass Outdoor Fireplace

Sustainable WoodGasª Biomass Mega Outdoor Fireplace

The innovative WoodGasª Biomass Energy Mega Fireplace eliminates the need for bulky firewood purchases, charcoal bricks, propane tanks or fire pits plumbed with natural gas. Now you can use the bounty of Mother Earth to provide all the fuel necessary to warm up your family, friends and assorted drop-ins. This oversized unit will product an impressive 55,000 BTUÕs of heat per hour! Simply use free, locally collected branches, wood chips, twigs or pinecones to power your stove (any combustible material from nature will do) - with minimal smoke and soot production. These devices use a revolutionary 2 step burning process, combining gasification and combustion in a single unit for a hotter, more complete burn. Electric fan helps generate a hot flame very quickly Ð without the dangers or smoke associated with an open fire. Stove can operate continuously with the addition of new fuel. Eco-friendly design reduces your carbon footprint and mitigates the threat of wildfire creation. When the fireplace has finished burning, residual charcoal is left - this BIOCHAR makes an excellent fertilizer for your garden. ÊRequires AC or DC power to run internal fan; AC power supply for outdoor use is included. ÊOUT OF STOCK


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