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Treegator 15 Gal: Slow Drip H2O Delivery Cs/12

Treegator Tree Saver: Slow Release Water Delivery System - 15 gallon - Case of 12

Case of 12. ÊGet your new permaculture orchard of to a fabulous starter with thee ingenious devices. Developed in North Carolina, Treegator tree savers have been designed to deliver water gradually, maximizing deep root penetration while eliminating run-off and reducing evaporation. By establish a healthy root system early, tree loss is minimized and maintenance time and labor are significantly reduced. Made from durable, PVC resin, each bag hold 15 gallons when full and takes only a few minutes to fill. Removable bottom emitters are easy to clean if required. May by used with soluble plant supplements and fertilizers. Compatible with trees or shrubs with a diameter of 5Ó or less and branching as low as 6Ó off the ground. Full case of 12 - pricing reduces cost to an affordable $17.92 per unit

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  • Red-capped fill value is easy to spot, un-cap and fill with standard hose
  • 15-gallon fits single or multiple trunks up to 5ÌÒ total diameter (caliper)
  • Seams are watertight due to durable 1/8ÌÒ thick heat seals
  • May be used with plants with branches only 6ÌÒ (or higher) from the ground
  • Bag drips by gravity flow through 2 external emitters on the underside
  • Emitters are conveniently removable for cleaning, should they ever clog
  • Fully empties within 5-8 hours

  • Ideal for quickly establishing new trees and shrubs
  • Helps eliminate tree and shrub loss due to inefficient watering practices
  • Flat, wide design helps retain water in soil by reducing evaporation
  • No trenches or holes to dig, nor stakes or spikes to drive into the ground
  • Leaving device on a tree or shrub for an extended period of time should not harm the plants
  • Save significantly on time and labor costs ̐ reduces watering frequency by 50%
  • For newly planted trees and shrubs, follow a fill schedule of 1-2 applications per week (adjust for rain)

Features & Benefits

  • To insure complete and balanced drainage of water, place on mulched, level surface
  • Do not use this product in blow freezing temperatures
  • Designed for use on top of mulch ̐ using directly on oil can clog drip emitters
  • Rate of emptying is not adjustable on 15-gallon units Do not attempt to move bag when filled with water Full instructions included

More Info

Size Dimensions

36ÌÒ diameter x 7ÌÒ tall (filled)


Maximum volume: 15 gallons

Time to empty: 5-8 hours

Design for trunks up to 5ÌÒ in diameter


1.5 lbs (empty)


Tough, UV-stabilized PVC resin


Case of 12


BROWN (blends in with mulch and landscaping)


5 minutes or less to install and fill


Provide deep water saturation to trees and shrubs with no run-off and minimal evaporation

Key Features

Fast filling ̐ just need your hand and a hose

Reduces watering frequency by 50%

Promotes deep root growth and reduces transplant and drought shock

Removable emitters for easy cleaning

Low profile design is suitable for plants with low branches

Portable ̐ can be moved as watering needs change




3 year limited manufacturer warranty

Product Specs

# of Parcels

1 box ̐ 21 lbs

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Product Location

North Carolina

Time before shipping

1-2 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight

18 x 12 x 7ÌÒ

S&H Fees



Hydretain or Solupaks

Shipping Details


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