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  • Treegator 20 installed around a tree trunk
  • Two Attached Treegators for a Combined volume of 50 Gallons
  • How treegator irrigation works with your soil
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Treegator 20/50 Gal: Slow H2O Delivery - Cs/12

Treegator Tree Saver: Slow Release Water Delivery System - 20 / 50 gallon - Bulk Case of 12

These Treegator Tree Saver bags are loads of fun in the garden. Simply wrap the unit around the trunk, zip the two sides together and fill with water. No more wasting time, labor and water with hand watering, which encourages unhealthy, shallow roots. Treegators slowly release water over a 5-9 hour period, maximizing deep soil penetration. An innovative feature of this model is the ability to zip two together for a collective capacity exceeding the original volume. A single unit can effectively water trees with a 1" to 4" caliper, while the double treegator can provide irrigation to trees with a trunk diameter up to 8". Reduce tree loss due to derelict water regimens, drought and transplant shock. Your trees will thank you by producing abundant bounty and energy-saving shade! May be used on grape or kiwi vine trunks as well. Priced in bulk to reduce costs to as low as $18.50.

  • Buy 2 cases (24 units) at $19.00 each
  • Buy 3 cases (36 units) at $18.50 each

These are only available in full cases of 12. Please order in multiples of 12 (12, 24, 36, etc.)

In Stock
Minimum Purchase:
12 unit(s)


  • Two water release points for even watering
  • UV-stabilized plastic resin to withstand exposure to harsh sunlight
  • Unique ability to zip two together for a combined capacity of approx. 50å±Ì_gallons
  • Black poly straps and green nylon zippers
  • Fill opening fits up to a 3ÌÒ diameter hose
  • Slow release watering lasts from 5-9 hours, with no run-off and minimal evaporation
  • Shortens time required to establish new trees in the landscape or garden
  • When two 20-gallon units are zipped together, each can expand more than when used singly, allowing more water to be collectively held
  • Ideal for remote areas with no irrigation available ̐ saves time and labor
  • Reduces transplant and drought shock
  • Fully saturates ground, promoting deep root growth
  • Saves water by reducing moisture loss due to evaporation

Features & Benefits

  • Use with trees whose branches are 25-30ÌÒ or more off the ground
  • Do not hang or suspend bag from built-in straps
  • Not recommended for use in freezing temperatures
  • Do not unzip back when filled with water
  • Device is designed to use directly on mulch ̐ use on soil may clog drainage holes
  • Used and trusted by industry professional and landscape experts since 1991
  • Good rule of thumb: trees require 10 gallons of water per week per inch on tree caliper

More Info

Size Dimensions

30ÌÒ tall and 18ÌÒ wide (at base)


Averages 20 gallons per unit / up to 50 gallon when doubled

Single Unit: fits 1ÌÒ to 4ÌÒ caliper trees

Double Unit: fits 3ÌÒ to 8ÌÒ caliper trees

Empties in 5-9 hours


.8 lbs empty


UV-stabilized, polyethylene plastic with nylon webbing for additional strength


Case Quantity: 12




Installs and fills 5 minutes without the need for tools


Slow, deep watering of newly planted trees - prevents drought stress; also useful at supplying water soluble nutrients to plant

Key Features

Can be doubled up via zipper for up to 50 gallons of capacity

Portable ̐ can be moved as trees become established

Weather-resistant; reusable year after year

Reduce time, labor, and water waste




5 year limited manufacturer warranty

Product Specs

# of Parcels

1 box ̐ 11 lbs

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Product Location

North Carolina

Time before shipping

1-2 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight

18 x 12 x 7ÌÒ

S&H Fees

$15.96 per case of 12 (rate applies to lower 48 states only)



Shipping Details

With Treegator Tree Saver, Watering is in the Bag


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