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Ultra Compact Tumbler: Mini Envirocycle

Mini Envirocycle Compost Tumbler - Light Brown - 17 Gal

NEW!ÊDo you have buckets of food scraps left over from your dinner party - but nowhere to dump them? Introducing the new Mini Enviocycle. Being hailed as the next generation of compact compost tumblers, this ultra-sleek unit is even more compact that itÕs big brother. Its diminutive stature allows for placement in even the smallest of backyard or rooftop gardens. No worrying about oozing liquids staining your concrete or patio Ð the self-contained Mini is able to capture all effluent in the hollow base, which doubles at the support stand for the drum above. Glide rollers recessed into the base allow for smooth rotation around the drumÕs central horizontal axis for thorough mixing of contents. Convenient access door provides easy entry for dumping food scraps and eventual emptying of finish compost. Drum can even be rolled to where you want to use your homemade humus. Dual aeration ports ensure adequate ventilation. ÊFor those of you who thought you would never be able to compost due to space limitations Ð look no further. May be used year-round, though decomposition will slow during the frozen months. Staff recommended

SINGLE UNITS SOLD OUT. ÊFull pallets still available. 16 units / pallet - email or call for a shipping quote


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