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  • Redworm Harvester Wigwam Worm Indoors Inside Bin

Worm Wigwam Advanced Vermiculture System

The Worm Wigwam efficiently converts household food scraps and other biodegradable materials into valuable and nutritious vermicompost (worm castings) that can be utilized in your garden, sold at a farmer's market or bartered at a premium. This is one of the only units available that allow for easy separation of castings from the actively feeding worm pile. This system can be located indoors, or outside in an area protected from direct sunlight and sheltered from harsh elements. The minimum recommended start up redworm population for the wigwam is 10 lbs. The time to bioconvert food scraps into vermicastings is normally 6-8 weeks. A good rule of thumb to determine the functional processing and bioconversion capacity of an established redworm system: a system with 100 lbs of redworms can accept 35-50 lbs of food scraps and bedding per day producing roughly 15-25 lbs of castings.

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Features & Benefits

Ideal Environment for Worms. Assuming proper optimum load, the conditions inside the wigwam are ideal for optimum digesting activity. Raised floor design provides maximum aeration of active pile. Humidity and oxygen levels remain stable, while favorable, internal temperatures are achieved with the addition of the heater during the colder months. The end result is year round operation in most climate zones with high capacity production of castings.

Powered by Redworms.By following a simple process of alternately layering food scraps and bedding, a flow through environment is created. The design methodology favors the constant feeding of redworms as they continually migrate upwards, leaving behind a mixture of castings, cocoons and residue humus being decomposed by beneficial microbes. Bedding is a high carbon material that provides bulk to the active pile to increase air flow. Typical bedding materials include: coir, shredded paper, cardboard, hay and leaves.

Easy to Harvest Castings. The lowest reaches of the system are virtually free of worm activity; with a simple turn of the manually powered crank, vermicompost (nutritious worm poo) is easily sifted out through the grate and harvested via the bottom access door. A fully operational unit can produce up to 10 pounds of separated, finished vermicompost per day.

Sustainable Redworm Breeding. In ideal conditions, the population will double in approximately 120 days. Once the worm population reaches maximum capacity, removal of ¼ of the worms is possible every month. Reduce the quantity harvested if the population appears to drop.

Great for the Planet. Diverting all of your food scraps (and all of your neighbors kitchen waste) into your wigwam will lessen the impact on the local landfills and decrease production of methane. Your garden and plants will benefit by the additional nutrients the rich castings provide, while reducing your need to purchase synthetic fertilizers.

Diversity of Applications. The wigwam is ideal for producing an impressive and sustainable quantity of redworms, cocoons and castings – the perfect bartering commodities for the obsessed gardener. One system will easily divert several tons of kitchen scraps annually, while producing up to 75 lbs of finished vermicompost per week. Great for co-ops, intentional communities, dorms, community associations, correctional facilities, small restaurants, farmers markets, educational institutions – basically any entity that has a kitchen and/or serves food. Save money on disposal fees and generate revenue from the value-added end products!

Product Specs

Size Dimensions

3’ wide and 3’ tall


Volume = 150+ gallons

Functional = 40-50 lbs redworms (1000 worms / lb)

Processing = 20 lbs of food scraps per day

Production = up to 75 lbs of castings / week


90 lbs empty


Body - Durable, UV-stabilized poly resin

Handle crank – galvanized; baked-on finish coating


1 unit




60 minutes using standard tool kit


High volume production of worm castings

Key Features

Large capacity with a relatively small footprint

Harvest crank for rapid separation of castings

Heated / insulated design for year-round use

High volume of food scraps processed


Made in the USA


1 year

Shipping Details 

# of Parcels

Box 1 - 69 lbs (38 x 9 x 37)

Box 2 - 21 lbs (12 x 13 x 37)

Shipping Method

Ground Service

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Product Location


Time before shipping

3-5 days

S&H Fees

$99 (rate applies to lower 48 states only)

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